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[转帖] Middle Finger Research Institute: The "three major projects" of the "three major projects" in the 24 years of real estate supply and demand policy will still be the main direction

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    The development of the entertainment industry and the controversy of the second generation of Star

    Originally a place to watch acting skills, but now some people have been so angry, and the threshold is getting lower and lower. No matter who is a little background, he can enter the entertainment industry.The current entertainment industry is also mixed with fish and dragons, and fish eyes are mixed. Some people even think that as long as they have a similar face, they can go in casually.In the eyes of these people, entering this circle means money, and they don't care whether they have real talents.

    However, reviewing the second generation of the Star, they were recognized by their outstanding acting skills.For example, we all know Wang Xiao.Wang Xiao had worked hard in the entertainment industry for nearly 11 years before he became famous.In these 11 years, no one knew him, and no one knew that he was the son of Wang Yili, a well -known Wang Yili.At that time, Wang Xiao wanted to develop in the entertainment industry, but was opposed by his family, especially his mother Wang Yili, the mother of performing arts in the industry.Mother knows the bitterness of this industry, so Wang Yanli never agreed with her son's dream.However, the youthful Wang Xiao disregarded his opposition and agreed with his mother for three years. If he did not achieve achievements in the entertainment industry, he would come back and read it well.

    Wang Xiao did not come from a science class. He worked hard in the entertainment industry and learned how to perform better from his predecessors to improve his line skills.Perhaps seeing his son's sincere love for this industry. After the three years after the deadline, Wang Yanli and Wang Xiao seemed to forget the agreement tacitly.Wang Xiao began to play a supporting role in the entertainment industry. The supporting role of many years has accumulated a lot of his acting experience.Finally, "Three Lives and Three" let us see a different Wang Xiao, and also let us see a different "Si Ming Xingjun".Since then, Wang Xiao has gradually been recognized by everyone and is well known.People began to find that Wang Xiao turned out to be a "second generation" and the only son of the famous Wang Yili.Some people say that Wang Yanli has rich network resources in the entertainment industry, but what about Wang Xiao?He has always been very low -key, never showing his family background to show off.Today, Wang Xiao can say "Bao Jianfeng comes out of sharpening", whether it is the "Three Lives and Three", the "Yang Ke" in "The Golden Years", or the current "Three Brigade",In short, no matter what role play, it can be ease in Wang Xiao's hands.Nevertheless, Wang Xiao still said that he was still inadequate and needed to continue to work hard.To be honest, Wang Xiao's appearance is not handsome.But with his outstanding acting skills, he has won the recognition and love of the audience.

    Corresponding to this is the second generation of Star in the entertainment industry today, which is simply stuffing in this circle no matter what kind of people.Not long ago, a new net drama starring Hong Xin's son Zhang Haozhang released some photos of the crew.I have to say that this is really unimaginable.Although we do not require actors to survive Andy Lau, at least have certain appearance conditions.However, from the photos released by this web drama, even the most basic aesthetic desire is gone.We all know that if the acting skills are not good, then the face value is at least online.However, the actors in this online drama, for the audience, are slightly lacking whether it is the value or acting skills.

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