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[转帖] The representative of the people's congresses of the Two Milk Street of Rencheng District, Jining City Supervisory Promoting the Grassroots Performance Practice Articles

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    Volkswagen Internet Correspondent Gao Jingcheng Correspondent Xue Qiumei Jining reported

    In recent years,火速资讯 in the actual work of the Two Milk Pu Street People's Congress of Rencheng District, Jining City, starting with the four aspects of ensuring the right of knowledge, the right to participate, the right to express, and the right to supervise, the new mechanism for the "sixtes and six invitation and six united" work mechanisms, Connected by step by step, and effectively created the "iron chain" of the people's democracy throughout the process, and vigorously promoted the people's democratic practice at the grassroots level.

    Twenty -mile street streets throughout the process of People's Democracy Practice Station

    Professor -only knowing the right to the prophets

    Twenty -mi Pu Street People's Congress arranged the major matters and determined major matters to study the Office of the Party Working Committee of the Sub -district. By attending the party and government joint meeting and the annual work affairs meeting, we will timely understand and control, communicate in advance, and make suggestions and suggestions in time.For example, in 2023, the "Five -in -one" action plan for the comprehensive rectification of the street human settlement environment. In response to road laying construction, sewer rectification, greening and planting, Lin Kun and other representatives of the People's Congress proposed the "fixed unit price" in a timely manner "The suggestion of the implementation of the shards, the facts prove that the work has been promoted efficiently.

    Twenty -mi -Purths Street People's Congress arrangements for important matters of various departments, and actively understand the departments of the department's work deployment through major issues such as the annual work plan of the department and the semi -annual work summary.For example, in accordance with the village collective economic development plan formulated by the agricultural department, three representatives of people's congress representatives such as Yixiangtao put forward the advice of "revitalizing the river ditch and developing the Chinese herbal medicine industry" in a timely manner.Develop 800 acres of planting bases such as wormwood, honeysuckle, chrysanthemums, etc., to collect more than 200,000 yuan for collective income.

    Twenty -mile Street People ’s Congress visited the entire domain in accordance with the“ six -entry ”, listening to public opinion, highlighting the requirements of the people’ s congress representatives to “go out and see more”, directly conduct front -line inspections, and timely understand the latest developments and forefront information.In 2023, representatives of the National People's Congress visited 18 enterprises, 22 villages, and 12 windows departments.

    Extensive participationIntersectionKnowing the roots

    Twenty -mi -Powerful Street People's Congress has given full play to the advantages of inspection of representatives of the National People's Congress to the major matters, key tasks, and major projects that have begun to implement, and continue to carry out special inspections.Combining the nature of the work and representing its own advantages, scientifically conducts group arrangements, and achieved "professional representative inspections of professional affairs". This year, a total of 12 special inspections were organized and made good results.For example, during the special inspection of high -standard farmland construction, Lin Kun, Feng Yuanhui, and Meng Qinghua, which have participated in the construction of high -standard farmland, conducted inspections, and proposed that "drainage outlet height settings" and "distribution of the location distribution of card machines" and other rectificationssuggestion.

    Twenty -mi -shop street people's congress carried out a special research activity of the "one representative, one subject", carried out a field survey with problems, took the research report to make suggestions, truly put forward the "golden ideas", and enhanced the extensiveness of participation.For example, in the inspection of the integrated construction of the "urban area", Feng Chuantian, deputy manager of the District People's Congress, deputy manager of Ruhu Holdings Development Company, the district people's congress representative, and the manager of the Jining Carbon Real Estate Development Company, Party Maoosheng, actually proposed the "relocation of the farmer's market"Sugs such as "public parking lot settings" have been timely adopted by the streets and have been well received by the masses.

    Twenty -mi street people's congresses closely focus on the requirements of "based on working positions and take the lead in the development of the street for the development of the street; based on the identity of the representative, take the lead in performing their duties for the development of the street", and strengthen the key tasks of the people's congress representatives.Direct participation, forming a good atmosphere of "I am supervising, I take the lead, and I participate".For example, in rural governance work, Yi Xiangtao also actively played the leading role as the representative of the district people's congress and the party branch secretary of Yizhuang Village, giving full play to a good mechanism for the construction of the social credit system, and successfully created it as a "national rural governance demonstration village" to become a village.Demonstration of level work.

    During the "Six Union" work of the Twenty Miles Street People's Congress, representatives contacted a total of 19 window departments, 18 villages, 12 clinics, 7 schools or kindergartens, 12 difficult people in difficulties, 5 past elderly representatives.In the "Six All", the most personal feelings and understanding have been enhanced.

    Unblocked expression rightIntersectionSpeak freely

    Twenty -mi -shop streets are practically built and made good use of 4 representative liaison stations and 3 representative service points to ensure that voters and representatives have a fixed platform carrier. This year, 63 people and public opinion are collected through the liaison station.Collection representatives through "code", "wise words", "people's sentiment" tea dialect pavilion and other methods to collect 51 people and public opinion.The connection between the representative and the voters is strengthened, the distance is closer, the relationship is deepened, the integration and cohesion continues to increase, and it is more and more representative to find a representative.Frequently coming together.

    In order to fully guarantee the opinions of the work suggestions of the representative, the streets have opened the representative "through traffic". Important work suggestions directly report to the main person in charge of the street through the "through traffic" in writing.The opinions can be approved in writing to the person in charge of the department, or you can directly communicate online or offline through the "six invitation" office.

    Twenty -mile Street submits the proposal of the representative proposal as the most important expression right, gives great attention, and creates all convenient conditions for all representatives.The streets set up the "Gathering Hall" in the liaison station, and regularly convene a seminar on suggestions on representatives to concentrate on ensuring that the suggestions can be proposed at high quality and efficiency.In 2021, the street delegation made a total of 11 people's suggestions. In 2022, 8 people were put forward. In 2023, the people's congress was about to be held in 2023, and 17 people's suggestions have been formed.

    This year, a total of 62 people in the urban area, resident mining companies, town and village cadres, hotline masses, and media reporters who have come to the "Six Invices" office have collected 41 suggestions for collecting work proposals.

    Implement the right to superviseIntersectionSound

    Twenty -mile streets take the people's congress representatives to review the work conference as the most direct and effective carrier to exercise supervision power.Adhere to the grand meeting of the conference twice each year to ensure the number and scope of participants, and strictly meet the meeting procedures.Before the meeting, we carried out centralized inspection activities, and after the meeting, we organized and organized group discussions to ensure the effect of the meeting throughout the process.Really achieve "trial" to review the problems and deficiency, and "negotiate" to discuss solving suggestions and methods.In the 2023 people's congress representatives, the provincial and municipal three -level people's congress representatives pointed out the shortcomings of the work report and put forward eight work suggestions.

    Twenty Panel Street, through the role of the platform of the People's Congress, fully connects to the integration of the three officials (judges, prosecutors, police officers) and three members (grid members, mediationists, and information officers).At the front -edge tentacles, a thick representative of the people's livelihood, relying on the representative of the National People's Congress to establish a "three officials and three members" studios, forming a representative of the National People's Congress, the high -efficiency supervision of the law enforcement department and the dynamic grasp of grass -roots governance work.

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