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[转帖] Ji Zhigang: Li Zaiming's assassination, what is the solution to South Korea and Japan's political violence?

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    Original title: 笪 Zhigang: Li Zaiming's assassination,breaking news website what is the solution to the political violence of Korea and Japan?

    On the morning of January 2nd, the largest Democratic Party of South Korea was assassinated in Busan, the first Democratic Party, and attracted the attention of all walks of life.South Korean President Yin Xiyue instructed the police and other relevant departments to quickly find out the truth, tried his best to treat Li Zaiming, and emphasized that this was a violent behavior that Korean society could not tolerate under any circumstances.However, in recent years, from Park Geun -hye to Song Yongji, the attack on Korean politics has occurred frequently.The same political violence occurred in Japan one after another.In July 2022, the former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated in Nara, and Prime Minister Kishida was also attacked in April 2023.

    People can't help asking, what happened to Japan, what happened to South Korea?The former once created the "security myth" in Asia without its right, while the latter has a global hub country in terms of democratic values. Two countries that have been among the most developed economies in Asia have repeatedly staged political violence?

    Looking at the evolution of economic development, diplomatic characteristics, political trends, social differentiation, and social psychology in Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea's political violence will continue to be related to the following three major changes.

    The first is that social tear has increased oppositional emotions.Japan's 30 years of economic downturn, South Korea has been seriously dependent on the ex -economic development model for many years, making the distribution of interests highly concentrated to large enterprises, and the division of social rich and poor has continued to intensify.Under the interaction of multi -party politics and different interest groups, this differentiation forms young people on the one hand for political disregard caused by political disappointment, and on the other hand, it leads to almost distorted social tear.It is reflected in Japan's new conservative political forces led by nationalism and a tug -of -war between the underlying class that increased in demands. It is reflected in South Korea's conservative and conservative and innovative camps.The opposition of different political groups also directly leads to the spread of opposition from top to bottom. Once the savings of this oppositional energy are combined with the frequent genetic genetic genetic violence in Japanese and Korean history, it is paranoid for violence to change politics and create a fair society with violence.Thinking lands out the seeds that are darkest and long.In other words, if politics cannot resolve the distinction between the rich and the poor, and social fairness, etc., the society will cause more violence to tear.

    The second is that political alienation has led to nationalism.After the war, because Japan and South Korea were busy with the economy, they made many concessions to the United States and Europe and other countries in politics and diplomacy, and even actively relying on the United States, Japan, the United States and South Korea alliances in security."Hanjiang Miracle".However, in recent years, economic continues to be sluggish, Japan and South Korea are facing demands such as economic transformation, political turning, and social changes. At the same time, they have involuntarily caught in strange circles with reduced diplomatic independence, lack of political autonomy, and reduced public opinion capabilities.The political alienation of foreign alliances and politics has fallen into the endless struggle of the party. It has spawned the changes in new conservatives and new nationalism in Japan and South Korea, becoming a hotbed of activating violence.

    Third, social psychology is facing the impact of the new ethnic group.Although Japan and South Korea have achieved the success of economic development, they are also recognized as countries with greater pressure in East Asia and even the world.Forefront.In Japanese and Korean society, people who feel isolation of society, work pressure, and depression have continued to increase.Among the grievances of government and diplomacy and society, some extremes have even evolved into new criminal groups, the so -called lonely crimes, personal intentional crimes, and nonsense crimes.Some lone wolf crimes also specifically aimed at politicians, shocked society as gimmicks, spread alternative views, won some social support, and highlighted the distortion of the social psychology of Japan and South Korea.

    In any society, extreme violence such as Li Zaiming's attackers and Abe's assassination is unbearable.For Japan and South Korea, in addition to condemnation, preventing violent political events frequently occur, and there are still many to do it in eliminating the social thermal bed that induces violence.(The author is a researcher at the Northeast Asia Research Institute of Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and chief expert of the Northeast Asia Strategy Research Institute)

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