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[转帖] Renmin University of China Humanities and Economics Suzhou Research Center unveiled and broadcast articles

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    People's Daily Online,Popular news sites Beijing, December 26 (Reporter Hao Mengjia) On the 24th, the unveiling ceremony of the first Humanities and Economy Suzhou Forum and the Humanities and Economy Suzhou Research Center of Renmin University of China was held at the Suzhou Campus of Renmin University of China. More than 40 famous experts from multiple fields across the countryScholars start academic dialogue and exchanges.

    Zhang Donggang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Renmin University of China, pointed out that Renmin University of China and Suzhou and Suzhou took the lead in carrying out the research on humanities and economy. It is a vivid practice of further deepening school -land cooperation and writing a new chapter of "strong and rich, beautiful high" in Suzhou modernization.The two parties will jointly create a research base that tracks the party's innovation theory in Suzhou, the think tank heights that promote the innovation and development of humanities and economy, and the innovative platform for constructing the self -knowledge system of the humanities and economy in China, gathering hard to promote the new practice of Chinese -style modern Suzhou, and write a new development of human and economic development.Chapter.

    Liu Xiaotao, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that the establishment of the Suzhou Research Center of Renmin University of China is an innovation measure that the school and land have been practiced in depth of humanities and economics and promoting two -way rush.It is believed that Suzhou promotes the practice of Chinese -style modernization as a sample. Relying on the discipline and think tank advantages of Renmin University of China, more high -quality research results will be formed.

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