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[转帖] Jinan Sheng surging | Jinan ranks second in the provincial city of open Natal Forest Index in Jinan

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     On December 20,Current affairs information website the Jinan Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of Jinan's data development and utilization and data elements.The reporter learned from the conference that Jinan City undertakes the national "data direct to the grassroots" pilot task to meet the needs of cross -level data sharing application needs of various departments.It supports more than 20 typical application scenarios such as government services.

    Zhang Xi, secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Jinan City Big Data Bureau, introduced that Jinan City strengthened the open and empowerment of data and promoted the sharing and use of public data resources.

    In -depth promotion of data opening and sharing, relying on Jinan Public Data Open Network to open more than 3,600 data catalogs to the society, open 2.04 billion pieces of data, open breadth of meteorological early warning, road transportation, public transportation, public parking, communication services and other fields.Full coverage of level departments; the application scope covers 19 people's livelihood security services including credit, transportation, medical, health, employment, and social security, and uses open data to support 69 innovative applications.Create data application services for "data through traffic", develop 45 functions such as accurate identification of children with precision identification, employment assistance qualification verification, and other types of subsidy reviews increased by more than 10%;, Meet the needs of cross -level data sharing of various departments, and the city's integrated big data platform agrees with more than 300 national and provincial data sharing services, effectively supporting the construction of more than 20 typical application scenarios such as government services, for example, city talentsThrough the interface resources provided by the applicant's social department, the service center has verified and verified the information introduced by the introduction of new kinetic engineers' title certificates to verify more than 600,000 times, helping enterprises to attract talents to subsidize policies.Implement the pilot of accurate authorization of the State Council, open up the data from the Ministry of Education, and provide data support for the enjoys preferential policies of college students to enjoy the university students through data comparison analysis.Among the "China Open Digital Forest Index" jointly released by Fudan University and the National Information Center, Jinan City ranked second in the provincial cities.

    Source: Tianxun City News Client

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