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[转帖] Inner Mongolia Military Region launched the "Hundred Colonel Officers Entering 100 Schools" activity

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      Inner Mongolia Military Region launched the "Hundred Colonel Officers Entering 100 Schools" activity

      Light the enthusiasm for young people's patriotism

      National Defense News Xu Bo and reporter He Zhiguo reported: "Heroes are not far from us. During the peaceful age,时事热点 soldiers used blood to guard Wanjia peace and wrote loyalty with selfless dedication." In early December, the Ural Houqi Banner Second Primary School in Inner MongoliaAfter listening to the advanced deeds of Zhou Kunxun, the leader of the Banner's arbitration, he said that he should learn from the hero and strive to be a good boy in the new era.

      In the past few days, Colonel officers above the units of the Inner Mongolia Military Region Organizations have entered more than 100 "military -civilian co -building national unity demonstration schools" and "national defense education demonstration schools".The Chinese nation's community of consciousness education guides the majority of young people to carry forward the fine traditions and plant patriotism.

      "Young people are the future of the motherland. It is important to be the first buttons in life." The leaders of the Political Work Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Military Region introduced. "At the beginning of this year, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, Education Department, and Shuangpang Office of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region were in the region.Exploited the "Hundred Colonel Officers into Hundred Schools" activities in the scope, with the theme of 'in -depth buttoning and building a national defense dream "as the theme, and do a good job of ideological and political education for young students."

      Not long ago, the Director of the Political Work Office of the Alashan Army Division entered the Alashan Middle School affiliated to Inner Mongolia Normal University, and took a vivid national defense education course for students in a manner and interactive way."This lesson has made me deeply understand that today's happy life is not easy. I have to work hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, strengthen my body, and contribute my own power to realize the Chinese dream when I grow up."explain.

      "We are close to the reality of the frontier region, and we will conduct in -depth activities such as preaching the party's innovation theory, popularizing national defense knowledge, propaganda border policies and regulations, and party national policies to strengthen teachers and students' awareness of national defense."23 officers, held lectures on the "National Defense Lecture Hall" at 18 schools, created national defense education electronic propaganda positions for 14 local primary and secondary schools, and used Weibo, WeChat, mobile clients, etc. to create a "cloud platform".The way of technology enhances young students to care about national defense, love national defense, build national defense, and defend national defense.

      Since the launch of the event, the taught staff of the military region have different accepted ability of students at different ages, and have compiled more than 200 lesson plans in different categories, and entered schools and classrooms to preach national defense knowledge.At the same time, they actively participated in student military training, coordinated the "Military Camp Open Day" activities, planned a series of national defense practice activities such as the military winter (summer) camp, "youth closing the bank", "watching each other, and the northern Xinjiang"In the educational experience that I like to see, deepen the feelings of the feelings of the country.

      If you are in a young man, you are Xing, and you are strong when you are strong.While the military region launched the "Hundred Colonel Officers Entering Hundred Schools" at all levels, it built a red position in campus patrioticism and national defense education activity room, British model wall, national defense education corridor, national defense reading corner, and radio station.Loyalty Guardian "WeChat public account, Inner Mongolia TV" National Defense Da North Xinjiang "TV column, etc., carry out various forms of national defense education, so that the seeds that love national defense are germinated in the hearts of young people.(Xu Bo He Zhiguo))

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