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[转帖] Minsheng Bank Dongying Branch launched a special event for the "Operation Risk Management Year" and "Compliance Management Struggle Year"

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    On January 2nd,今日头条 the Shanghai Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Committee issued a notice to adjust the personal housing loan policy of the provident fund, and will be implemented from January 3, 2024.The provident fund loan accepted before January 3, 2024 was implemented according to the original policy.

    The content adjustment of the Shanghai Provident Fund Loan Policy includes the adjustment of the identification standards for the second improvement of housing, which involves regional differentiation adjustments involving the minimum down payment ratio.

    Specifically, the second set of improved housing is identified as: there is already a house in the city in the city's family name, and the personal housing loan of the housing provident fund has not been used in the country or the first housing provident fund personal housing loan has been settled.It is identified as the second improved housing.

    The minimum down payment ratio of improved housing is the second set of improved housing:

    1. For those who are determined to be a second -improved housing, the minimum down payment ratio is50%Items

    2. For the second set of improved housing, and the house purchased by the loan is located in the new area of the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone and the 6 administrative districts of Jiading, Qingpu, Songjiang, Fengxian, Baoshan, and Jinshan.The proportion is40%Essence

    Release important signals

    The "downgrade" is the key connotation of the new provident fund.

    According to the Shanghai Securities Journal, Yan Yuejin, the research director of the E -House Research Institute, believes that the biggest change in the policy is that the subscription of the second set of improved housing has reduced the down payment ratio.Earlier, the policy was 50%and 70%(according to ordinary houses and non -Putong houses) of the two sets of housing subscriptions for provident fund loans.

    "In other words, for some second -suite groups that improved housing or subscribing to large units, you can also enjoy preferential policies for provident fund loans.House and improved demand. "Yan Yuejin said.

    Looking forward to the future house purchase policy, Yan Yuejin said,The Shanghai Provident Fund policy conveys a clear signal, that is, there is still room for further relaxation of the current home purchase policy.Based on the recent limit of the cancellation of the mortgage interest rate in Dongguan, various policies in January actively released the warmth, further explaining that the localities actively supported the demand for reasonable housing consumption, and have a positive role in the reduction of house purchase costs and the boost of market conditions.

    Lu Wenxi, an analyst at Shanghai Zhongyuan Real Estate Market, believes that the adjustment of the provident fund loan policy is unexpected. It is gradually converging with commercial loans in terms of determined conditions, and adapts to the adjustment of consumers just needed. It is also within the market expectations.

    Song Hongwei, the research director of the Tongzhe Research Institute, pointed out that Shanghai adjusts the provident fund loan policy,It shows that the optimization and adjustment of real estate regulation policies in 2024, the biggest highlights still fall in first -tier cities.The policy tool box of first -tier cities will also introduce a series of policies, and the provident fund is only one of them.

    Song Hongwei believes that the provident fund policy has the following characteristics:

    1,A two -suite purchase group with obvious tendency to improve the demandThis matches the previous policy.Shanghai launched the new policy on December 14 to adjust the standard of Puzhai. At the same time, the credit policy also made a corresponding reduction in the down payment ratio of the second house. At this time, as a matching and guarantee policy, the provident fund also had the need to adjust.

    2,From the perspective of the core demand group in Shanghai, the adjustment of the provident fund policy has become more and more fit.In the field of new house markets, improving demand is the dominant trend, but the pressure of improving demand for buyers is also increasing. In this context, how to reasonably support the improved demand is also a policy of relevant Shanghai departments in 2024The focus.For example, the down payment ratio of the second house launched at the end of 2023, the interest rate of the two -set loan, and the provident fund loan policy.

    3. From the perspective of the big policy environment,In the future, some of the newly -needed groups will enter the security systemIn the new housing market, more high -end improvement groups are dominated. Therefore, stimulating improving demand actively entering the market will become the core of the property market.At the same time, the structural differentiation trend of policies is relatively obvious for the differentiation of Shanghai's transaction structure.

    Song Hongwei pointed out that in 2024, the highlight of the Shanghai regulation policy will be "because of district students, due to district policy, and different policies for different people."

    There is another big news in the Shanghai property market

    In addition, according to Shangguan News reports, at 8:30 am on January 2nd, Shanghai held the city's city update promotion conference to traction, as a breakthrough, stimulate new vitality, show new weather, accelerate the promotion of various tasks throughout the year.Implementation.

    Chen Jining, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that the urban generals clarify the positioning, functions and layout of the city, and are a concentrated manifestation of urban development pattern and great ideas.Think about urban renewal at the big goal of realizing urban generals, focusing on the core function of the "five centers", strengthening overall planning, supplementing shortcomings, and promoting the optimization of space layout, improving the balance of residence, and improving the quality of the city.It is necessary to count the total accounts and structural accounts, strictly control the construction volume and rhythm based on planning; deepen the integration of production and cities, reduce the cost of commuting, and increase the degree of livability and business.

    Chen Jining pointed out that it is necessary to focus on promoting the "three major projects" of the central deployment of affordable housing construction, the construction of public infrastructure construction, and the transformation of the city in the city, and strengthen the overall planning of the update tasks.The construction needs of the project, and the relevant requirements of the "three major projects" construction are implemented simultaneously when the update is implemented.

    Some existing mortgages have been lowered

    It is worth noting that starting from January 1, 2024, the mortgage interest rate will decrease10bpEssenceSimple calculation, if the loan is 2 million yuan, the term is 30 years, and repay the equivalent principal and interest mode, after the mortgage interest rate is reduced by 10bp, itThe monthly supply of buyers will be reduced by about 117 yuan.

    It is reported that the interest rate of housing mortgage loans is composed of two parts: LPR and plus points of more than 5 years. On June 20 last year, more than 4.3%or more LPRs from 5 years to 4.2%. After six consecutive months, "steps in place".This also means that if the housing loan is processed before June 20 last year and the loan re -pricing date is January 1st, from January 1, 2024, the mortgage interest rate will be reduced by 10bp.

    On January 1st each year, the mortgage interest rate chosen by many borrowers will be re -priced on the price of the mortgage rate.Because on June 20, 2023, LPRs above the five -year period were reduced from 4.3%to 4.2%, and it remained unchanged for a few months. Therefore, for borrowers in the first half of the year, the mortgage interest rate will be reduced by 10 10A basis.

    Click on the picture to view the complete content

    For example, Ms. Wang, a citizen of Guangzhou, loan 2 million. If calculated at 4.3%of LPR, the period is 30 years, and the repayment is repaid according to equivalent principal and interest. It turned out that the monthly repayment was 9897.43 yuan.It will be 117 yuan per month and 1405 yuan a year.

    Regarding the next change of LPR, the mainstream view of the current market believes that the possibility of continuing to decline in the future is greater.The chief economist of CITIC Securities analyzed it. In the future, the cost reduction, wide credit tools, or still have room for strength, combined with the "flexible, moderate, accurate and effective" monetary policy tone of the Central Economic Work Conference, it does not rule out that the MLF further MLF was further in the first half of this year this year.The possibility of rate reduction guidance LPR quotation.

    Wen Bin, chief economist of Minsheng Bank, believes that this means that the central bank will probably guide LPR to decline moderately in 2024, thereby promoting the steady financing costs and reduced the demand for consumer credit.Combining the maintenance difference and profit proposed by the central bank in the early stage are reasonable, it also means that the regulators do not want to have too low loan interest rates, thereby retention of the bank's retaining capacity to cope with the debt, maintain stable and sustainable operation, and improve the efficiency of capital operation.Prevent the funds for empty rotor interests caused by low interest rates of corporate loans.Under the interest rate transmission mechanism of "market interest rate+central bank guidance → LPR → loan interest rate", LPR and Xinfa loan interest rates will narrow further downward.

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