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[转帖] Housing buildings such as Jishi Mountain County, Gansu, Gansu, etc.

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      The热门新闻 Gansu Provincial Department of Housing and Construction announced on the morning of the 21st: As of 6:00 on the 21st, the housing and construction department organized engineering and technical experts have completed preliminary investigation and evaluation of Jishi Mountain County Kindergarten, schools, and hospitals to complete the most serious Dahejia Town and LiuThe emergency assessment of all houses in 19 villages in two towns and towns in the townships. The water supply and gas supply in the county seat have resumed normal supply. The heating of heating has been basically restored. Individual damaged pipe networks are accelerating the restoration to restore the county's normal heating as soon as possible.

      According to Qin Jun of the Survey and Design Supervision Department of the Gansu Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, the Gansu Provincial Housing and Construction Department planned to complete the emergency assessment of all houses and buildings in 31 villages in 31 villages in three towns and villages of Blogan Town, Shizhen Township, and Liugou Township.Complete the emergency assessment of all houses and buildings in 105 villages in 105 villages in the area under the jurisdiction of Jishi Mountain. At the same time, it was guided by the results of the investigation to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters from secondary disasters.

      (Reporter Liu Long Jiao Jian Wang Hao)

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