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[转帖] Transfer in the first class of 2024

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      Original title: In the new era,High-speed information website I like Chinese business potential in China | German CEO

      Kosta Karakolidis is the CEO of the Sinbeel Conop (Qingdao) Machine Equipment Co., Ltd.China is a large population country, and its market size continues to expand. Here, he sees unlimited business opportunities and economic potential.

      From the first coming to China to Zha Rone, Costa lamented that China ’s social and industrial levels have changed in the past 20 years: the speed of infrastructure construction has made the world amazing, and the great achievements of scientific and technological development have achieved worldwide attention.

      Talking about the development plan of the Xinbeir Conop (Qingdao), Costa revealed that the company is about to launch the fourth phase of the project and plans to achieve localized production.This measure also reflects the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing towards high -tech manufacturing.

      Costa believes that China is an innovative and opportunities."If your company wants to seek development, improve productivity, and expand the potential market, then come to China."

      Watch the video to understand the Chinese story of this German enterprise executive.

      The "I am in China" series of videos focus on foreigners who work and live in China, telling their experience, feelings and stories in China in the new era.

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