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    Rain,特快资讯 getting worse.

    The dark clouds rolled in the sky, as if the heavens and the earth would collapse.

    In the early spring season, the three days of the emperor's three -day heavy rain, the weather was as cold as winter.

    Out of the cafe, the overwhelming cold air immediately swept away in Ji Yuyu.

    On the opposite side of the financial building, a news is playing at this time: Pei Group's stock has a full limit of stocks, the operating funds of many projects are emptied, and a serious fiscal deficit appears.Nympho

    "Ji Yuyu!"! "

    Pei Huaijin chased out of the cafe and dragged Ji Yu, who was holding his head and looked up at the news, and his eyes were scarlet: "My brother is lying in the hospital because you are afraid of Lu Yanjing misunderstanding, soTo avoid suspicion?! Ji Yuyu, your heart is too cruel !! "

    Pei Huaijin's expression was almost distorted, and his eyebrows were all embarrassed and crazy.

    Ji Yuyu was quiet.

    Don't make a word.

    Even disdain to look at Pei Huaijin.

    Pei Huaijin stood in the cold rain, and Ji Yuyu melted in the shadow under the umbrella, and the two were silent.

    In the end, Pei Huaijin acknowledged.

    His voice, almost begging: "Ji Yuyu, I know you don't love my brother, from the beginning to the end, the person you love is only Lu Yanjing, but ... please don't abandon him on this section. You go to the hospitalLook at him, even if you only stay for one minute, let him slow down. "

    "Ji Yuyu, count me, please."

    In Ji Yu's impression, Pei Huaijin is unruly.

    However, at this moment, he was humbled to the dust for Pei Yucheng.

    Ji Yuyi dare not breathe.

    Because, it hurts.

    Between the lungs, the needle is average, dense, and deep into the bone marrow.

    "You see, the Pei family has finished playing completely." Ji Yuzheng raised his hand and pointed at the huge LED opposite, and said with no expression, "The stock has a full limit of the stock, and the serious fiscal deficit.It's hard to climb the sky. Pei Huaijin, instead of falling into the mud, it might as well let him die ... "

    "What are you talking about?!" Pei Huaijin couldn't believe it at all. The eyebrows who looked quiet and gentle in front of him, what he said today will be ruthless.

    It's almost attentive.

    Fortunately, it was him today, not his brother.

    Ji Yuzheng said: "As the outside world rumors: I chase Pei Yucheng just to stimulate Lu Yanjing. You should also know that I and Lu Yanjing Qingmei bamboo horses, but he has always rejected the family marriage. I want to marry him.Out of this strategy. Of course, your brother is indeed easy to use, but after three months of contact, Lu Yanjing couldn't hold it ... "

    "elder brother?!"

    Ji Yuyu's back suddenly froze.

    Turning my eyes a little, I saw Pei Yucheng wearing black -gray vertical stripes. I don't know when to stand there.

    Rain, gradually smaller.

    However, between the heavens and the earth, the white water mist floats heavy in the air.

    Depression and cold.

    Ji Yuexuan stared straight at the shadow, stepped on the cold wind and rain, stepped step by step, and subconsciously dragging the umbrella handle in his hand.

    Everyone said: Prince Pei's family is unsmiling, cold and cruel.

    However, in Ji Yuyu's cognition, although Pei Yucheng was indifferent, when he laughed, the bottom of his eyes was the galaxy star, shining brilliantly, bright and eye -catching. However, at this moment, he looked at her pupils.The boundless dullness and silence.

    "Ji Yuyu."

    He called her name, which was cold and bone than the rain in the wind, and spreading every nerve of Ji Yuyu to the deepest part of her heart.

    Ji Yuexuan trembled.

    She lowered her eyes in a panic.

    However, the next second, her thin jaw was suddenly strangled by a cold hand.

    Rare raised her chin and forced her to look at him.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes are cold: "I only ask you again: with me, or Lu Yanjing?!"

    In the rain, the light was not good. In addition, the black umbrella was more darker.

    The distance was too far away, and Ji Yuexuan couldn't see it. At this moment, she saw it clearly: However, she did not see it for five days. Pei Yucheng not only lost a lot, but her face was even more stunned.

    In the cafe, in the cafe, Pei Huaijin said that he would not eat or drink in the hospital, and even refused to eat the medicine.

    Ji Yuezheng bit his lips and fought his life and pressed the severe rolling pain. For a long time, he said, "Pei Yucheng, licking his face entangled with me without any sense. Besides, I and Lu Yanjing have received a certificate.""

    Holding her jaw's fingers, the force suddenly tightened. Ji Yuyi thought that his bones would be crushed by Pei Yucheng, but he slowly released his fingers.

    In front of her, he indifferently removed a rope dotted with pink gems from his wrist.

    The small hair rope slipped from his slender fingertips, and turned "咚", and fell into mud.

    This rope was three months ago, and when he nodded in promise to deal with her, she insisted on worn on his hands.

    She said: This is an artifact that swore ownership, and it is not allowed to pick it off, especially to see other girls.

    Pei Yucheng has always been disgusted, but he didn't leave him for a moment, and he didn't even take it down.

    At this moment, he discarded himself.

    Ji Yuzheng bit his lips.

    "Ji Yuyu, as you wish."

    "In this life, Ji Yuyu, don't let me see you again ..."

    Pei Yucheng was dismissive at the end, turned indifferently, and didn't return his head ...

    "Ji Yuyu, I cursed you and the surname Lu must not die!" Pei Huaijin scolded fiercely, and then chased Pei Yucheng.

    In the bustling city center, people come and go.

    However, at that moment, Ji Yuyi felt silent and silent in the whole world.

    She supported a pair of black, stood on the street without moving, staring at the rope on the ground quietly.

    got windy.

    The bigger and bigger.

    Ji Yuyan's long black hair was flying messy.

    Her tears were blown out.

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