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[转帖] Housing application (3 excellent articles)

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    Original title: Hunan Satellite TV New Year's Eve Party will show the status and sadness of the entertainment industry.

    Copywriting | Luo Sheng

    Edit | Miao San San

    TheExclusive information website annual New Year's Eve Party is over, and we have witnessed the fierce competition between major TV stations.

    At the New Year's Eve Party of Jiangsu Satellite TV, Lin Junjie sang 12 songs in a breath.People who don't know think this is his personal concert.Fans are really enjoyable.

    But there are many rolling scenes.Wang Junkai's voice was unpleasant, and Wang Yuan's voice was broken.Without any modification and filling, his singing level is clear at a glance.

    Of course, there are also people with "adversity".As soon as the white deer sang, the voice sounded, but he raised the microphone but was too late.He was laughed at "Singing and Dance," and he was embarrassing and embarrassing.

    At the party of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Guan Xiaotong, Gulinaza, and others were also asked about the problem of fake singing, making the audience tired.

    However, the most popular New Year is Hunan Satellite TV.

    Hot search is crazy full of screens, and heavyweights have all appeared, and some "small moths" have also appeared.

    Tonight, the status quo and "tragic status" of the entertainment industry are completely exposed.

    After a lapse of 11 years, "Queen" Cai Yilin once again appeared on the New Year's Eve stage of Hunan Satellite TV.

    As the top singer of the Chinese music scene, this transaction must be arranged for her!

    The performance dedicated to Jolin Tsai was 18 minutes long and included eight songs, including classic songs such as "Madrid's Unbelievable", "Sun No Fall", and "Dance Niang". The DNA of the audience in front of the screen and the stage was moved.

    I have to say that Hunan Satellite TV invites Jolin Tsai is the most wise choice.

    They danced everywhere and won a lot of praise.

    If these songs are sang for the current home entertainment idols, they will probably choke, not to mention the mixed song of the eight songs.

    What is the "dimension reduction strike"?Just look at Jolin Tsai, you know you can always believe the power of the Queen.

    Ella, another representative of the Chinese music scene, attracted cheers as soon as he appeared.

    And her song "Super Star" has aroused many people's childhood memories?

    The only thing that makes people feel deprived is that this song is obviously written by three people, but now it can only be left to Ella to perform it alone, which is quite difficult.

    I don't know if I still have the opportunity to see her fit scene on New Year's Eve.

    And Li Ronghao.

    His wife Yang Yilin's improper remarks did not affect his popularity.This New Year's Eve concert, Li Ronghao is still a heavyweight guest.

    Although the performance was only 8 minutes, a total of ten songs sang a total of ten songs, which made the audience happy.

    The funny thing is that Li Ronghao opened his small eyes this time and kept interacting."Black Sauce" even caused the audience to sing loudly.

    It can be seen that he has made a lot of effort to prove that he is not a fake singing.

    Fortunately, the title of "Golden Melody Manufacturing Machine" is not in vain, and his singing is quite stable.

    In addition, Chen Chusheng, the master of "The 2007 Happy Boys"+"The Third Season of Thorns", naturally met Hunan Satellite TV and appeared on the stage on New Year's Eve.

    This time he couldn't run anymore, he sang up.

    Although almost sang the wrong words, let the audience know that this is a real song.

    And Han Hong even despised fake singing.She sings "The Thousand Years" is like a hall -level singer.

    Not only that, once "Phoenix Legend" comes, you know you will be excited.

    "The Most Dazzling Ethnic Style" burst into the audience, and no one is more suitable for the New Year's Eve stage than the legend of Phoenix.

    However, the last half of the song "All Love" changed a mess.what happened?

    Being able to force a person into the Phoenix Legend Group, we don't know what Hunan Satellite TV thinks.

    It's not a professional singer, but an actor Zhao Lusi.

    Maybe I want to create a down -to -earth image for her.The three sang "All Love" together, the atmosphere was quite good, and danced again.

    Even Linghua's voice trembled because of jumping, but Zhao Lusi was as stable as an artificial intelligence robot.

    Some netizens are too naive, bluntly, "Zhao Lusi's singing skills are better than Linghua, and even breathing can rock."

    I didn't know for a while to praise him or scold him.

    Beside, Zeng Yi's expression that was difficult to explain also lit up.

    Needless to say, everyone knows!

    Some netizens have found that compared with other satellite TVs, Hunan Satellite TV has the largest number of guests suspected of singing.Among them, Zhao Lusi's name was clearly seen on the paper.

    Unexpectedly, even the legend of Phoenix had to bow to the "traffic actor".

    In addition to Zhao Lusi, the guests who were postponed were Song Qian and Wang Hezhen.

    The cooperation scene of the two people is too hot, which is in line with the mood of New Year's Eve.

    However, Song Qian's PAD sound opened too much, completely covering up her real voice.

    As we all know, the semi -open microphone can also be considered a form of lip -shaped synchronization.

    She is also a singer and dancer.Compared with Jolin Tsai, Song Qian is indeed better.

    The same is true of Wang Hezhen. He danced and had no breath in his voice.The audience did not know his real level, why should it be pretended to be like this?

    The last two of them kissed the scene was very eye -catching.If you have this idea, why not practice your singing skills?

    Another "eye -catching bag" also appeared.

    That's right, it's Yu Shuxin.

    It stands to reason that she is an actor who sings idol transformation.Although her acting skills are not good, she should not forget her special ability.

    As a result, her singing and jumping on the stage was comparable to "practice", but her body was so uncoordinated.

    The only attractive thing is that its dance posture is so enchanting and twist like a snake.Some netizens said, "It's like watching Crazy Horse Show."

    It seems that Yu Shuxin has a embarrassing ability wherever you go.

    In addition, Wang Yibo has also become a laughing stock of netizens.During the rehearsal, he accidentally stepped on the bras of the dancer, causing the bra to fall on the stage.He calmly torn it off his feet, threw it to the ground, and continued the process.

    The scene is simply funny.

    During the stage performance, Wang Yibo first sang with Zhang Zhangwei.Both of them are completely incompatible whether they are voices and styles, and they look strange.

    At his own exhibition, he put on a familiar hat+wig again, and his voice sounded fake.

    It really lives up to expectations, even in this turbulent period, we still take their own way.

    Yang Zi, Li Xian, Qiao Xin, Zhang Tianai and other well -known actors also appeared in the list of actors.The actors can be understood badly, but at least they should show some sincerity.

    A New Year's Eve party torn off the last layer of shame in the entertainment industry.

    In the entertainment industry, the status of rivers and lakes is particularly important, but this is not derogatory, because if you want to achieve this status, you must be based on extraordinary strength.

    On the other hand, young singers and actors don't care.

    People who dare to sing the right person will not sing well.

    Those who really dare not sing are so hypocritical and pretentious.

    If you are not fully prepared, then don't come to such occasions.People are here to play during the Chinese New Year, not here to bother you.

    You sing well, don't sing again next time.

    So, this time, which scene do you think is the best?

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