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[转帖] Evening Banner: Thomas will return to Arsenal next week, but after 3 games, you will play in the African Cup

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      [Evening Banner: Thomas will return to Arsenal next week,Popular information websites but he will play in the African Cup after 3 games] According to the "Evening Banner" report, they updated Arsenal midfielder Thomas's injury and rehabilitation time.

      It is reported that Ghana has included the current Arsenal midfielder Thomas, which is currently being raised in the pre -selection list of the upcoming African Cup.Since October last year, the injury of leg tendon has been in a state of injury. The previous groin problem means that he only played five games throughout the season.

      But it is understood that Thomas may be preparing to return to Arsenal during the festival, and will come back shortly before he goes to the African Cup to participate in the competition.The Gunner will go away to challenge Liverpool this Saturday, and Thomas will be in doubt about the game.However, it is expected that the Ghana midfielder will return next week, and Arsenal will once again face West Ham United, Fulham and Liverpool -this time in the FA Cup on January 7.

      The African Cup players are expected to leave after the weekend. Ghana will usher in the first game of the African Cup against the African Cup against the Buddha on January 14, and then against Egypt and Mozambique's group stage.And if the Ghana national team kicked to the final at the African Cup, Thomas will be absent from Arsenal until mid -February.

      On Wednesday, Ghana coach Chris Hugon chose the pre-selected lineup of 55 people for this African Cup, including Kuds from West Ham United, Jordan Ayou, and Brighton in Crystal Palace.

      The African Cup team must reduce their list to 27 players before January 3, of which only 23 can enter the lineup of each match day.

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