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[转帖] Net car platforms such as Uber and Bolt agreed to raise the minimum wage of drivers in France

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      TheFirst-line information website online car platform Uber Technologies, Bolt, and Free Now agreed today to raise the minimum wage they paid to drivers in France.This is the new regulation of the European Union to strengthen the protection of zero workers.

      The online car platform represents API and FFTPR in a statement that the driver will have the right to get the revenue of the minimum of 9 euros (about $ 9.85) per trip, which is higher than the previous 7.65 euros; and at least 30 euros per hour and each kilometer per kilometer1 euro guarantee income.Previously, the minimum threshold was set up per hour.

      Earlier this month, the EU negotiation representatives supported an agreement that eventually re -classified people who worked millions of people working as online cars and takeaway platforms as employees.If it is approved by the European Council and Parliament, the new regulations may cause the industry to lose billions of euros each year.

      Today, Uber and Bolt and other online car rental platforms agreed to raise the minimum wage of drivers in France, defend the self -employment model that the zero -industrial economic platform relies on, and also made concessions to those who require better conditions.

      The Temporary Agreement reached by the European Union and the takeaway platform workers may require platforms such as Uber and Bolt to classify drivers and riders as employees, provided that these people must meet at least 2 of 5 employees.These five conditions include: monitoring workers' performance, controlling tasks allocation and working hours, and formulating rules for the appearance or behavior of workers.

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