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[转帖] Tomorrow, the weather forecast on the 21st, the coldest time this year, the heavy snow and snow snow area

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    This moment information websitewinter, the weather seemed to set off an unusual storm, the wind was raging, making people trembling.First of all, the two super cold waves and sweeping the north and south of the north and south have brought unprecedented cold.The temperature turned sharply, the surface was cooling like a cliff, and it suffered brutal raging north and south.

    However, this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.Two days ago, the Jaishi Mountain in Gansu suddenly earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.2, causing huge damage and casualties.The emergencies of this day were like God's warnings on us, and the crisis was not over.

    A new round of cold air rang alert, and it launched an attack on the north and south.From Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, it has felt its breath. It is unstoppable and is quickly driving to the Shandong Peninsula.In this frozen cold winter, it not only brings the wind of whistling, but also brings a terrible wind and cold effect.The wet and cold climate will quickly transform into dry and cold, and the feeling of freezing is everywhere.

    It is predicted that in the next two days, this cold air will continue to be raging. Although the scope of rain and snow is not wide, the impact scope is mainly concentrated in the central and eastern regions of my country.Most areas will usher in the cooling of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius, and some places will fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

    The central and eastern regions are about to be frozen.At the same time, Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Henan and other places, especially Weihai, Yantai and other cities, must be alert to the possible large weather in Blizzard.This storm will make the winter even more shocking and deeper, so that people have to be prepared to welcome extreme weather.

    The frenzy of cold air is about to rage in the central and eastern regions, indicating that an extremely cold storm is about to sweep hundreds of miles.The forecast of the meteorological department reveals that this shocking cold air will open on the 21st day and sweep all parts of the central and eastern parts from north to south.This vast area, including Inner Mongolia, North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and other places, it will tremble in this cold current.

    Data from the meteorological department show that this cold wave will bring a strong cooling effect, causing the temperature in some areas to fall by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.This is not just a small temperature fluctuation, but a cold flow, which will challenge people's expectations for winter warmth.

    The broad land in the central and eastern part of Inner Mongolia, the vast mountains and rivers in the eastern part of the northwest, and the vast fields in the southeast region will be shrouded in this chill.North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai, the central and eastern parts of Jiangnan, and urban and rural areas in eastern South China are difficult to escape.This vast area will experience the magnificence of the cold winter together, but also deeply feels the harsh challenges it brings.

    This is not just a simple prediction, but a strong warning of the meteorological department's sweating.During the day on the 21st, the cold current will start raging in the north, and then spread to the south.At that time, these areas will become extremely cold battlefields, and the cold will will gradually spread, making warmth a luxury.The changes in this phenomenon will make people experience the cruelty of winter, reminding people to prepare for extreme weather.

    Cold air again: Snow disaster storm swept many places

    The cold wave of cold air swept again, announcing that my country will fall into a significant climate drama again.Cold air south of the Arctic region has become a common phenomenon in winter, but it also brings extremely severe weather such as sharp cooling, rain and snow.The new round of cold waves that are about to fall on the 21st means that this round of weather dance will be lifted again.

    According to the authoritative prediction of the meteorological department, this cold wave and cold air will set off a rainstorm storm in multiple areas, causing the following impact:

    The high -altitude areas in northern Xinjiang and the Ili Valley will be attacked by Blizzard.These areas will usher in the Blizzard, and there may be even heavy snow in the local area. It is expected that the snowfall will be as high as 20 to 21 mm.This snowfall will have a significant impact on local transportation, agriculture and daily life.The road may be closed, crops may be damaged, and people's daily life will be greatly disturbed.

    In addition, the Shandong Peninsula and other areas are about to face the same test.The rain and snow weather in Blizzard and the local bloated snow will ravage this area, which will cause serious challenges to transportation, agriculture and residents' lives.The road may be unreasonable due to snowfall, farmland and cities may fall into a white world, and residents will have to respond to various difficulties and inconvenience caused by snow disasters.

    The closer of the weather was approaching, which made people have to review the power of winter.On the 21st, the snowstorm is about to rage with the place, which will greatly test the disaster resistance and people's response wisdom in various places.This round of cold waves remind us again that it is important to prepare and prevent full preparation and prevention for extreme weather.

    On the 22nd, the sky will start a thrilling scene. It is expected that some areas in Sichuan, Sichuan, Gansu, Shandong, Chongqing, Yunnan, Hubei and other areas will usher in small snow or rain.This sudden weather change will have a significant impact on residents and lives in these areas.

    The Shandong Peninsula and other places will face snowy attacks, which means that snowflakes will be pushed down in this area. It may not be big, but it is enough to put the world a layer of silver in the night.These snowfall will make the road slippery, driving and pedestrian need to move forward with caution, and at the same time bring many inconvenience to local agriculture and life.

    At the same time, parts of the south of the Sichuan Basin and southwestern Yunnan will usher in the advent of light rain.Although it is not as white as snow, the rain will also bring a certain degree of humidity to these areas, and perhaps inject a trace of vitality into the drought land.

    These predictions are not the best speculation based on scientific data and observation results based on scientific data and observation results.The rain and snow raid on the 22nd will become the focus of these areas, and residents must be prepared to deal with various meteorological changes.This is not only the observation and prediction of the weather, but also reminds us that the unpredictable changes in nature requires us to maintain their vigilance and response at any time.

    The cold wind brought by the cold wave set off the weather in the central and eastern regions, and the temperature of the wind and the sudden drop in the area raged in this area.What's even more amazing is that cold air penetrates into the south and explores to the coast of South China, allowing Guangdong, Guangxi, and Fujian to enter the coldest period of this winter, and the coldness of many places has continued to rise.

    Under the influence of this cold wave, with the cold air south, the snowfall weather was raging in many places.North China, Huanghuai and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have experienced snowfall. Among them, the Shandong Peninsula suffered a strong snowfall brought by the cold flow, as if it was buried by snow and became a veritable "snow nest".

    The latest weather forecast shows that, driven by a new round of cold air, today from daytime to night, the northern part of Shandong Peninsula, northern Xinjiang, and Ili will usher in the snow to heavy snow. In some areas, there will even be Blizzard or heavy snow.The precipitation in Jiangnan and South China is weak as a whole.

    Over time, how will it change tomorrow on December 21?

    On the 21st, the snowfall in many places in the north gradually weakened, the snowfall area became more scattered, and the rainy weather in the south became sparse.But after entering the 21st, some areas have not been separated from snowfall.

    Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang and other areas will usher in Xiaoxue or rain.In terms of rainfall, small rain will occur in some areas of Sichuan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places, and some areas will even usher in rain.

    This strong cold wave brought different degrees of rain and snow weather, which caused the northern land to be covered with snow, and the south fell into the rain.The weather is impermanent, and the differences between regions also allow people to appreciate the unpredictable nature of nature.The sudden change in the weather reminds us that we are ready to meet the challenges of extreme climate, maintain their vigilance and response ability, and maintain a awe and caution with the changes in nature.

    In late December, the cold air activities were rowing mountains, and it continued to south. This series of weather changes accelerated the sudden drop in temperature.The surging of the cold air, carried a turns of wind and rain and snow, although it has not been in the bad state of "cold wind and bone, ground frozen river seal", but it has already described the cold of winter and water.

    As the cold air southward south, the cold momentum has increased sharply.This is not only a decrease in temperature, but also a strong cold situation.The wind is raging and the rain and snow are intertwined, which increases the multiple factors of weather changes, such as a sudden chapter in nature, which makes people sigh the ruthless and cold in winter.

    The arrival of the cold warns that we must be prepared to keep warm and cold.Winter climate is impermanent. Only by paying attention to the latest weather at any time and taking corresponding measures can we spend in this cold winter.The cold wind in winter, the temperature below the freezing point makes people feel chilling, and also prompts people to recognize the importance of warmth in winter.

    The changes in the climate remind us that the power of nature cannot be underestimated.The coolness brought by the cold air south, it urged people to deal with challenges and protect themselves from the weather invasion.Even if it has not yet reached an extreme state, this is already a severe test of cold.Everyone needs to pay attention to the weather forecast, adjust clothes in time, and do a good job of keeping warm to resist this cold flow that is difficult to ignore.

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