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[转帖] Throughout the CBA | The official promotional video looks at the fans, they become the real master of the league

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    Original title: Looking at the CBA | The实时新闻 official promotional video looks at the fans, they become the real master of the league

    CBA released the official promotional video of the fans.

    On December 20, the CBA officially released two information. One was the selection rules for the first player of the 2024CBA All -Star Game, and the other was the official promotional video from the perspective of fans.

    This is not the first official promotional video released by the CBA league this season, but the first official promotional video to focus on the fans.

    When the CBA repeatedly emphasized the new slogan of "the name of the city", the league has changed not only the perspective of a promotional video, but the fireworks that all the teams of the league gathered.

    Screenshot of official promotional videos.

    There are fireworks hidden in the promotional video

    Wearing a scarf of the Liaoning men's basketball team, the T -shirt of the Guangdong men's basketball team, and the jersey of the Xinjiang men's basketball team ... In the latest publicity film released by the CBA, the protagonist of the lens is no longer a player, but a fan, but a fan, but a fan, but a fan, but a fanEssence

    According to the official introduction, this film is the first time in the history of the league to use the perspective of fans, and to interpret its own story with fans as the protagonist.The propaganda video has learned many classic CBA fans' stories, trying to describe the connection between the CBA league and people's daily life.

    In the promotional video of only one minute, the narration wrote: "Life is full of wonderful wonderfulness. Go to the new landmarks of the city to make the party simple and happy, so my hometown is no longer far away.It also accumulates the power that makes passion burst, it ignites your love and let the city shine by it. "

    This narration of less than a hundred characters is hidden in the three emotional sustenance of the fans: the first is that the basketball becomes the adjustment product of life, the second is the bridge of basketball to become friendly, and the third is the basketball carrier.Missing hometown.

    No matter which one is, real cases can be found in real life.

    The fans of the Zhejiang team were sorrowful to Shen Bin's grandmother.

    In the second game of the final of the final season, the seats behind the home basket of thick state were filled with flowers. It was a flower that fans deliberately translated Shen Bin for the thick of the thick state, and commemorate his grandmother who had just passed away.This kind of goodwill from the fans once moved Shen Bin.

    After the Liaoning men's basketball team won the championship, Yang Ming even said the voice of many Liaoning fans: "The Liaoning men's basketball team represents the hope of ordinary people who are not so successful and are still working hard for life. It is the lighthouse of these people."

    For the CBA, the official promotional video that turns the perspective to the fans is the fireworks that are the fireworks produced by the league and fans.

    In fact, it is not surprising that the appearance of fans as the main propaganda videos this season is not surprising.

    After all, at the press conference, the league launched the new number of "the name of the city" -CBA hopes to use service fans and help cities as the purpose of the league's future competition to strengthen the association between the team and the city and fans.

    Screenshot of official promotional videos.

    Serving fans, the club is in action

    Not only the CBA league attaches more importance to the fans' experience, but the clubs of the new season also spent a lot of thoughts on fans.

    On December 16th, the main game of Shenzhen played the diary of Xiao Lei, the son of the mascot "Little Cheetah" player Xiaolei on the scene.Xiao Lei said in the video: "My dad is not only a basketball teacher, but also the mascot of the Shenzhen Marco Polo Team 'Little Cheetah'. I have also watched the 'little cheetah' on TV. I think it is cool. I want to go to the court to see it.look."

    This unexpected warmth made the "little cheetah" a little overwhelmed, but it was the CBA family day event specially planned by the Shenzhen men's basketball team.

    Similar warm moments appeared in the Shanghai men's basketball game very early.In the opening game of the Shanghai men's basketball team, the team deliberately invited six disabled fans to form a special invitation to watch the competition.It is worth mentioning that the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team's promotional video, the shooting perspective is just on the fans.

    The Shanghai Men's Basketball Team invites the disabled fans to watch the game on the spot.

    Similar to the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team, the Xinjiang Men's Basketball Team not only invited 10 friends of the disabled to watch the game in the 15th round of home games, but also invited 200 workers who fought on the front line of ice and snow to watch the ball.

    The Xinjiang men's basketball team officially wrote: "In the cold winter, the workers who still stick to the front line of the snow and snow are the hardest people. The spirit of the silent dedication for the city is the true portrayal of the CBA theme of this season."

    "Today, basketball is not only a sports, but also a carrier of social public welfare. Xinjiang Guanghui Basketball Club will continue to contribute to their own strength and pass the warmth of public welfare to more people."

    According to the China Youth Daily, the Beijing BAIC Men's Basketball Team is about to open the "Please see the CBA" event, and the Beichang Men's Basketball Team will invite special children from Beijing Jianxiang School to watch the game.

    When the clubs began to cherish the pornography of the league, the fans also responded with the box office.

    According to Xinhua News Agency, the actual total number of the first ten rounds of the CBA League regular season of the CBA League this season exceeds 470,000, and the average number of seats over 4,700.Fujian, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, and Liaoning are in the top five. Xinjiang, Guangdong, Liaoning, Beijing, and Shanxi averaged the top five.

    When the service fans become the main theme of the CBA this season, fans will naturally give the answer that the league wants to see.

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