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[转帖] [China Experience] Accelerate the development of artificial intelligence

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    TheCurrent affairs hot websites Central Economic Work Conference held a few days ago pointed out that in 2024, it is necessary to "accelerate the development of artificial intelligence."At present, artificial intelligence (AI) has extensively penetrated into all walks of life, from medical care, transportation, to education, training, entertainment and leisure.So what are the new trends of AI technology and how to develop more securely in the future?On December 27, 2023, the AI Development and Governance Innovation Symposium was held in Beijing. Experts from the participants shared and discussed the development of AI technology innovation.

    New models and new formats are constantly emerging

    "Artificial intelligence has become an important emerging technical direction that leads the development of industrial development, drives economic growth, and connects global cooperation." Fan Kefeng, director of the Information Technology Research Center of the China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, believes that at present, the new format of AI technology models is constantly emerging.Products and services are gradually improved, widely used in all fields of economic and social, and continued to deepen with the real economy, and it is profoundly changing human production and lifestyle.

    At the seminar, the cases of many AI technologies in various fields are shining.

    AI technology can help people do business better.For Huang Kai, who is engaged in furniture foreign trade e -commerce business, his daily work is inseparable from the help of AI technology."In the past, if you want to put a furniture on the shelves, we have to complete the design, make samples, and then shoot products. This process is not only long, but also costs high. But now, with the help of AI technology, we only need to help, we only need to need it, we only need to need it.Enter data, you can make the product map very simple, and can simulate the effect of the product in different scenarios such as the living room and shopping mall at will, the efficiency has been greatly improved. "In addition, AI technology also helps Huang Kai's company to reduceThe difficulty of recruiting operators.According to Huang Kai, in the past, foreign trade business had high levels of foreign language and work experience in operators, but with AI tools to assist, new employees could also get started to complete their work soon.

    In the medical field, AI technology is very useful.Pancreatic cancer is a malignant tumor with a low survival rate, and early screening is prone to leakage or misdiagnosis.Now, the medical team from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University of Medicine and the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University has begun to use the "flat sweep CT+AI" method to conduct early screening of large -scale pancreatic cancer.In the test of more than 20,000 people, 31 clinical lesions were found, and 2 of them soon completed the operation.The results of the research have also been published in international medical journals.

    In the field of film and television production, AI technology is expected in the future.With the help of AI technology, the Alibaba Entertainment Team has made innovation breakthroughs in the fields of virtual shooting, digital people, ultra -high -definition audiovisual experiences.Relative to traditional production methods, with the help of virtual shooting, production efficiency can improve 40%."A lot of scenes that have thought of but can't be done, and even the creators have never thought of it, all presented in front of us with the help of AI. It is foreseeable that AI technology will fully improve the level of Chinese film and television production."Xue Hui, member of the committee, said.

    Risk and challenges cannot be ignored

    With the rapid development of AI technology, security issues such as technological risks and privacy protection have also attracted more attention.At the seminar, Alibaba Group and China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute jointly released the "Genesis Artificial Intelligence (AIGC) Governance and Practical White Paper". The system analyzes large models and AIGC's main risks, and proposes targeted governance suggestions from the perspective of application.And operable practice scheme.

    The so -called generating artificial intelligence refers to the technology method based on artificial intelligence -based technical methods to generate related content through learning and recognition of existing data.Han Jizhong, deputy chief of the technical deputy chief of the Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that the most important feature of this technology is to change the way to generate information and obtain information."Each change of information acquisition method will bring changes in the entire information industry. For example, we may pass the yellow pages through the yellow pages, and now it is a search engine. Now there are updated channels, that is, technology such as ChatGPT will allow the entire information industry to make the entire information industryGreat changes. "

    He Yuan, the chief scientist of Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Governance and Sustainable Development Research Center, believes that the possible security risks are closely related to everyone in the application of artificial intelligence technology.According to He Yuan, generating artificial intelligence can produce content at low cost and rapidly through interaction. For example, it can easily generate and spread rumors, which brings new challenges to the prevention and control of content security.In terms of privacy and copyright, the massive Internet data of large models is difficult to confirm sample authorization one by one, and it is easy to cause privacy leakage and infringement.In addition, the generation of artificial intelligence has also reduced the technical thresholds in many professional fields, which may be abused on hackers and cyber crimes.Therefore, industry experts believe that establishing a relevant security governance system is necessary.

    "Multiple collaborative, open co -governance"

    In order to regulate the development of artificial intelligence technology, in July 2023, the State Cyber Information Office jointly announced the "Interim Measures for the Management of Genesis Artificial Intelligence Services".

    On the one hand, the "Measures" clearly encourages the innovative application of the generation artificial intelligence technology in various industries and fields, generate positive and healthy, upward high -quality content, explore optimized application scenarios, and build an ecosystem of application.At the same time, it is also clear that "generating artificial intelligence service providers should carry out training data processing activities such as pre -training and optimization training in accordance with the law, and use data and basic models with legitimate sources; those involved in intellectual property rights shall not infringe intellectual property that others enjoy in accordance with the law;If personal information is involved, other circumstances shall obtain personal consent or comply with laws and administrative regulations; take effective measures to improve the quality of training data and enhance the authenticity, accuracy, objectiveness, and diversity of training data.

    At the seminar, many experts put forward their views on the safety governance of artificial intelligence.

    Dong Jian, deputy director of the Information Technology Research Center of China Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, mentioned that at present, at home and abroad, it is promoting the governance tools for developing format artificial intelligence. However, how to solve the problem of governance through technology deeply needs to be further explored.

    Pan Enrong, deputy chairman of the Safety Governance Committee of the China Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, believes that the generation of artificial intelligence has a huge impact on the concept of human economic and social development, regulating its development "should not be blocked."On the one hand, we must overcome all kinds of fear and imagination, and restrain the impulse to "block"; on the other hand, in practice, a small "sparse" method is iterated in practice.

    Zhang Yan, a professor at the School of Computer Science and Technology of Fudan University, pointed out that the technology industry should be responsible for developing AI and taking into account AI development and risk control.Now there is an atmosphere of AI competitions worldwide, and all parties should work together to create orderly competition to ensure that the development of AI technology is in a safe area.

    "About AI, we don't know more than knowing, and it is more unimaginable than predictable." Xue Hui said that generating artificial intelligence brings unprecedented challenges and needs to be forward -looking."Governance" is the only way for AI development and governance.

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