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[转帖] Suzhou adds 2 new national farmers' sports and fitness activity bases

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    This 一线资讯article is transferred from: People's Daily client

    Today (December 20), the reporter learned from the Suzhou Agricultural and Rural Bureau that recently, the third batch of national farmers' sports and fitness activities bases was announced. A total of 2 were selected in Jiangsu Province, all from Suzhou, respectively, in Pingwang Town, Jiangsu Province, respectively.Hengjing Street, Jiangsu Province.

    As of now, Suzhou has 5 national farmers' sports and fitness activities bases, ranking first in all cities in the country.They are Basheng Town (2022.01) in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, farmers 'sports and fitness activity base (2022.11) in Yangshe Town, Jiangsu Province, farmers' sports fitness activity base (2022.11) in Shushan Village, Jiangsu Province, Pingwang Town, Jiangsu Province (2023.12), JiangsuProvincial Hengjing Street (2023.12).

    The farmer's sports fitness activity base in Pingwang Town, Wujiang District is based on Dalong Dang as the core, designated the border of ecological protection of the lake, integrated the natural ecological resources of the surrounding villages, and planned to create the "Belt and Five Districts", that is, the Dalong Dragons Ecological Movement.Waterfrontation area, outdoor experience area, rural celebration area, cultural leisure area and sports recreational area.In accordance with the ideas of building a large ecology and building a new pattern, inject the functions of the slow -moving system and bicycle lanes in the lake, and build the concept of "enrollment, participation, idyllic, and localization", with the conceptThe people are centered on, taking the green road as the main line, ecology as the bottom, the root of the countryside, and the special planning of sports to strengthen the protection of the ecosystem of Dalongdang Sports and Fitness Base.

    In the accelerated construction of "Pingwang · Sihe Collection", relying on a high -quality water environment, Dalongyang Sports Fitness Base is committed to creating a new benchmark for the National Water Sports Professional Training Center and "Sports+Cultural Tourism" in East China.Trendly landmarks for citizens' sports and leisure.

    The construction of Hengjing Street in Jiangsu Province is the main area of farmers 'sports activities with Hengjing Cultural and Sports Center and villages' communities.Among them, the Cultural and Sports Center of Hengjing Street covers an area of 10.88 acres, and the area of cultural activities is 8,000 square meters. The outdoor event venue is 2,000 square meters. It has a report hall, bookstore, exhibition gallery, rehearsal hall, table tennis room and other activities.Village communities have rich cultural activity resources. They now have more than 100 cultural activity bases. They deeply integrate the village community cultural service centers, Duxue school, elderly activity room, badminton hall, table tennis hall, basketball court, gym and other places to fully meet the people's people.Daily basic fitness needs.

    Hengjing Street highlights farmers 'sports style in various agricultural festivals, and deeply integrates farmers' sports fitness with rural culture, education and training, leisure tourism, and rural development.In 2022, the "Rural Revitalization Cup" held the second Suzhou farmers' sports culture series of activities in the Jiangnan Water Village Sharing Race and Cross -Strait Youth Cultural Exchange Activities.In addition to conventional basketball games, table tennis games, fitness Yangge, badminton games, walking, farmers' characteristic movements -carrying rice competitions.

    In the next step, the Suzhou Farmers Sports Association will continue to implement the "100,000" project, actively organize and organize farmers' cultural sports and fitness competition activities to promote high -quality development of agricultural and cultural tourism, help livable and livable, and the construction of beautiful rural villages and high villages.The level is the first to basically realize the modern agricultural and rural areas.

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