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[转帖] More than 100 elephants in the park are "thirsty": the "key allies" of humans responding to climate change are facing threats

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    Zimbabwe's famous Vankea National Park is List of information websitesa paradise for wildlife breeding and inhabiting. It is also one of the largest landscapes in southern Africa. There are more than 100 kinds of mammals and more than 400 birds.However, in recent weeks, the managers of the national park have found that at least 100 elephants have died due to drought shortage, and the scene is quite terrible.The park administrator had to remove the ivory of the dead elephant, so that the corpse would not attract the poachers.

    ▲ The sunset of the Wanji National Park

    Local wild animal protection agencies said that this is one of the manifestations of climate warming caused by the phenomenon of El Nino on southern Africa, and in addition to animals, humans are also facing severe environmental tests.The meteorological department predicts that the rainfall in southern Africa, including Vankered National Park, is scarce, and the temperature continues to rise.The International Animal Welfare Foundation warns that elephants and other species in the region are facing a crisis of survival.

    The El Nino phenomenon affects the weather model around the world. For example, this year's El Niopy phenomenon has brought a fatal flood disaster to East Africa, but the entire southern Africa is facing drought, and the rainfall will be lower than the average level.

    Zimbabwe has felt the power of this change. This year's rainy season is coming to a few weeks late. Although it has been raining now, it is expected that after the summer seasons in the summer or two, the climate will become very dry and hot.Researchers warn the country to prepare for the extreme climate.In 2019, about 200 elephants died under the climate of severe drought, and the manager was worried that there would be a worse situation this year.

    Ferravo, a spokesman for Wanji National Park, released a video on social media showing that a young elephant fell into a puddle that was already dry and struggled to survive in the mud.

    ▲ An elephant is caught in a puddle that is already dry up

    "The most affected is the elephant of young, old, and sick. They cannot find water sources long distances." Faravo said that an ordinary elephant with an ordinary body needs to consume about 200 liters of water every day to maintain physical function.Essence

    The rainy season of Zimbabwe has been very stable since October to March.However, in recent years, due to extreme weather, the drought period is longer and the drought is more serious.

    Trever Ryan, director of the environmental protection organization of Zimbabwe Park Park, said, "Zimbabwe's rainfall will be greatly reduced. Due to the El Nino phenomenon, the drought may appear again soon."The main rivers flow through, and can only rely on more than 100 solar wells to pump water to fill the water pit in the park to replenish animals.

    Environmentalists said that saving the elephant is not just for the animal itself.Elephant is a "key allies" for humans to deal with climate change. They pass (containing plant seeds) feces to spread vegetation long distances to form lush forests, and more trees can absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    "Elephants play a much more role than humans," Lean said. "This is one of the reasons for our struggle to protect elephants."

    Red Star News reporter Zheng Zhi

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