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[转帖] Huaxi Communication Plate: Investment viewpoint under multiple uncertainty

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    West China Communication sector viewpoint

    At present,时事热点 the multiple uncertainty of global geopolitical conflicts and the game of Chinese and American science and technology games has a periodic impact on the development of domestic alternatives, autonomous controlling and controlling policies, etc., thereby catalyzing including computing power leasing, satellite communication, and Kunpeng systemWait for hot themes; the current computing power -related sectors are adjusted, market differences, and we are still firm in the high growth and large space of related industries in the middle and long term.

    1) Telecom operator: China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, etc.;

    2) Continue attention to computing power communication infrastructure
    Equipment vendors such as wireless communication server: ZTE, Ziguang Co., Ltd. (joint coverage of West China Communication Computer), etc.;

    Related supporting service providers: Yingvik (liquid cold), new energy (power supply);

    Third -party leasing of computing power: Halo New Network, Aofei Data, Zhongbei Communication, Net Su Technology, Data Port, etc.

    3) Light network upgrade
    Light modules and optical leaflets: Guangxun Technology, Tianfu Communication, Deco Li, Middle Xu Chuang, Xin Yisheng;

    Laser beneficiaries: Yuanjie Technology, Changguang Huaxin.

    4) Military Communication: Beacon Electronics (joint coverage of Huaxi Communications Military Industry), Hagrid Communication (joint coverage of West China Communications Military Workers), July 1st, etc.;

    5) Industrial interconnection: Gold Card Smart (joint coverage of Huaxi Communication Machinery), Weisheng Information, etc.; #Weisheng Information (SH688100) #

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