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[转帖] "Film and Television Appreciation" class of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in red light and shadow in red and shadow

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      Thehot topic website world of images is light and shadow sculpture, a stunning narrative, a poetic style, a profound analysis, and a aesthetic sublimation.Small screens are the closer of life, the release of history, and an important channel for students to expose outstanding film and television works and the ideological and culture contained in it.Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics's "Film and Television Appreciation" course has more than 20 years of construction. As a national first -class undergraduate course, it takes value shape, knowledge teaching and ability training as the basic framework for the course settings.In addition to students' aesthetic and humanistic literacy, in -depth digging into the ideological and political elements of film and television works, teaching in teaching, keeping ideological positions, and carrying out ideological and political education in a subtle way.

      As the main position of talent training, colleges and universities, the effectiveness of Lideshu is the fundamental criterion for testing all their work.The basic prerequisite for doing a good job in Lideshu is to grasp the main line of the ideological and political work system and carry out ideological and political education for the whole process.This kind of education is not a slogan of shouting and talking about itself, but it should run through all aspects and dimensions of talent training.Useful talent.

      As an important information medium, film and television works shoulder special and important mission in cultivating the national identity of young people and shaping the value of young people, and are an important position for ideological work.In the context of pan -entertainment, the quality of film and television works is uneven. As a college worker who shoulder the mission of "education for the party and educate the country", it is necessary to always integrate ideological and political education into teaching, build ideological and political courses, and professional courses.The first class and the second classroom promotes the common thought system that promotes the common advancement, the school and the social interaction, the explicit education and the hidden education.

      Red film and television works are described and shaped by characters as the main body, and rely on a large number of real and reliable historical facts to focus on reflecting the feelings of Chinese children and children in the revolutionary war.The patriotism spirit of danger, and the spirit of reform and innovation in the new era, the dedication and courage to break through, is very important educational significance.In recent years, a large number of well -produced and correct outstanding red film and television works have been broadcast on the big screen, occupying a place on popular release periods such as "National Day" and "New Year's Eve".For example, "Founding of the Country", "The Great Industry of the Communist Party of China", "The Great Industry of the Army", "Changjin Lake", and "merit", etc., presented with spectacular and shocking scenes and delicate and deep emotional expressions to guide the audience to understand the history of the Communist Party of China and understand today's beautiful life.It's not easy.The "Film and Television Appreciation" course moves the appreciation of red film and television works to the classroom, and integrates ideological and political courses into a professional classroom, which helps to make the infectious emotional elements in film and television works become an important inspiration for students to see, learn, and think.Essence

      As a college aesthetic education course, "Film and Television Appreciation" must first enable students to have the theoretical knowledge of film and television appreciation and interpretation, improve the ability and level of understanding and appreciation of film;Optimistic emotions, diverse and open aesthetic tastes, enhance students' awareness of sharing, innovation spirit, teamwork spirit, lifelong learning consciousness, and international vision;Holy cultivating the country's country and the responsibility of strengthening the mission.

      In the teaching process, the curriculum team mainly carries out the teaching content of teaching content, enriching classroom teaching methods, and creating curriculum ideological and political film and television works.The best effect of course ideological and political teaching.

      At the level of teaching content optimization and integration, the teaching content is divided into two modules: "Appreciation Theory" and "Movie Life". Among them, the "appreciation theory" module focuses on the learning of film and television appreciation theory, including knowledge of film, video elements, sounds, sounds,Elemental appreciation, lens language appreciation, use film and television works to appreciate connection theoretical knowledge points and curriculum ideological politics.The "Film Life" module focuses on the application of the theoretical knowledge of film and television appreciation. It carries out curriculum ideological politics with special embedded types, including the family feelings in the movie, the traditional culture in the movie, the true and beautiful beauty in the movie, and the ideals and beliefs in the movie.For example, during the appreciation of "My and My Motherland", the course team made subtle and humane disassembers of the seven different stories in the film.Family country feelings in image expression.This kind of telling of the family feelings is not a preach, but the personal story of the highlight of the national history in the film in the movie, so that students realize that the feelings of home country are not an abstract word, but by every ChinaWhat people have experienced, composed of.The memories of these eras and depth of depth will be used as the unforgettable image memory that students are unforgettable in the depths of the soul.

      At the innovation level of classroom teaching methods, select teaching activities based on teaching content and student characteristics, context teaching, case teaching, special embedded teaching, group cooperation teaching, etc., mobilize students' original knowledge and experience to discover thinking problems,Summarize the summary view and guide students to become real discovers, explorers and creators.For example, in the topic of red ballads, the teacher team led the student practice group to visit Fuliang County, Jingdezhen City. This is the scene of the film "The Red Star"."I look forward to the sky in the middle of the middle of the night, and look forward to the spring breeze in the cold winter. If you want to get your relatives, you will open the mountains all the way." The simple words sang the strong voice of the people of the Soviet area living in the dark.The practical group sang "Ying Shanhong", and walked through the path that Pan Dongzi walked in that year. In the scene of the situation, I felt the revolutionary passion and firm ideals of the ancestors.In addition, the curriculum team carried out the second class to enrich the course teaching channels.On the basis of understanding students' interests, "Film and Television Appreciation" actively carried out lively and lively and diverse theme activities, including micro -film shooting, visual film reviews, etc.When designing the theme of design activities, it is fully integrated into the advanced socialist culture with Chinese characteristics. It chooses the core values that conform to the core values of socialism, which is conducive to stimulating students with the emotions of students' truth, kindness and beauty, and improving the theme of political literacy and moral standards.The curriculum team also provides a systematic rich online curriculum teaching resources.In the autumn of 2018, "Film and Television Appreciation" was launched on China University Mu Class Network, and was identified as an online open course (2019) and the first batch of national first -class undergraduate online courses (2020). Online teaching resources are becoming increasingly rich and perfectEssence

      At the selection of teaching cases, we should take into account art and ideology. Choose film and television works that can promote the excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and socialist culture, and match the core values of socialism.At the same time, the ability to think and politics and highlights of the course, and realize the organic unity of "value shaping, knowledge teaching, and ability training".For example, the curriculum team uses the "Founding of the National Founding", that is, "The Great Career of the National Founding", "The Great Industry of the Party" and "The Great Industry of the Army" as one of the topics.History, enhance national essence, pride and patriotism.In addition to the red theme education, the curriculum team also pays attention to the display of traditional culture in the film and the promotion of truth, kindness and beauty.For example, the course through interpretation of Chinese elements and traditional culture in movies such as "Hundred Birds", "Farewell My Concubine in the Forbidden City", etc., guide students to understand the self -improvement, compassion, and heaven in Chinese excellent traditional culture, compassionate, compassion, and heaven.The contemporary value of people and craftsmanship and the world's significance of the spirit of craftsmanship. I hope that students will enhance cultural awareness in ears, strengthen cultural self -confidence, enhance personal cultivation, and shape a healthy personality.

      At the level of assessment and evaluation, improve the content, methods and mechanisms of the assessment, and build the "film and television appreciation" curriculum ideological and political assessment evaluation index system.First, the evaluation content is multi -dimensional. The curriculum does not take the score of the surface as the only basis, but the subjective evaluation of the teacher's usual performance, the evaluation of the behavior and viewpoint of the student class and the classroom sharingIntegrated into the assessment criteria, pay attention to the development of students '"quality" and individual differences, students' independent thinking ability and innovative spirit.The second is to evaluate the diversification of the subject. The use of mutual evaluation, mutual evaluation, and self -evaluation of students used to closely connect teachers and students to become a learning community, and fully reflect the teaching effects and learning effects more and more objectively.

      Red film and television works are high -quality, vitality ideological and political education resources.As a teachingman and leader of knowledge, teachers must use "red resources" in curriculum teaching to inherit the "red gene".As a national first -class undergraduate course, "Film and Television Appreciation" has set up a "big platform" and formed a "big teacher". It uses the "big classroom" to run ideological and political education throughout the whole process of talent training.The effectiveness of teaching is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

      The curriculum itself is more complete."Film and Television Appreciation" seized the opportunity of the construction of curriculum ideology and politics, and tapped a number of red film and television resources with epoch -making, leading, and valuable.Through the interpretation of red film and television works, students think about how to tell Chinese stories in film and television communication, spread Chinese voices, implement the fundamental tasks of Lideshu people, and serve modern high -level composite talents.In the course of curriculum teaching, we also actively build a curriculum ideological and political teaching reform model, optimize the course of ideological and political goals, enrich the content of the curriculum, deepen curriculum ideological and political elements, and enrich the teaching methods of ideological and political teaching.Atmosphere, optimize the space of ideological and political education, and increase students' understanding and application of ideological and political education content.

      Teacher team curriculum ideological and political literacy and skills deepen."Film and Television Appreciation" curriculum team regularly organizes teaching seminars, through collaborative courses and expert evaluations, the teaching ideas of teachers in the course group can be widened, and the theoretical level and learning and research ability have been improved.The artistic, ideological, targeted and affinity of curriculum ideological and political teaching has effectively enhanced the curriculum ideological and political teaching skills.This regular and long -term teaching seminars and collaborative courses also help to update the content of the curriculum in a timely manner.

      Students have achieved remarkable learning results.The red film and television works of the case have both the correct value -oriented, lofty revolutionary beliefs, and noble aesthetic pursuits. They can enhance students' determination to distinguish between right and wrong and resist the wrong thinking.In the course of the "Film and Television Appreciation" course, students have enhanced the subjectivity and initiative of learning. While improving appreciation, artistic accomplishment and aesthetic taste, they cultivate a sense of sharing, innovation, teamwork spirit, lifelong learning consciousnessAnd international vision; strengthen cultural self -confidence, cultivate patriotism, strengthen national identity, strengthen ideals and beliefs, and remember responsibility.

      (Author: Wang Yibin, Lecturer of the School of Humanities, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics; Zhou Jing, lecturer of the School of Humanities of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics; Professor Luo Shujun, Professor of Humanities at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics)

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