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[转帖] MySteel Daily: Sichuan -Chongqing building steel prices fell slightly.

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      【Market Summary】

      Sichuan Market: Today,热门话题 the factory price of the Sichuan Inner Steel Plant was reduced by 10 yuan/ton. In the afternoon, the snail fluctuating upward, and the market traffic atmosphere turned better.The price is still weakly running, and the transaction performance throughout the day is average.

      Chongqing Market: Today, the snail period is strong, and the market sentiment has improved. Merchants are selling more. In the afternoon, the atmosphere of the transaction was heated in the afternoon, and some resources increased slightly by 10-20 yuan/ton, but the overall transaction was average after the rise.

      【Today Price】

      Judging from the price of building steel in the main cities in Sichuan and Chongqing, all market prices are temporarily stable.

      【Regional spread】

      From the perspective of regional spreads, the regional price difference has not fluctuated.

      【Tomorrow Forecast】

      Today, the screw of the thread is narrowed today, the market emotions are cautious, and the quotation of the early trading is mainly stable.In the afternoon, the snail was strong, and the market traffic atmosphere was warmer, but the market demand was still sluggish. Some merchants rose slightly, and the transactions were not smooth after rising.Most merchants are mainly shipping. The spot price is stable and weak, and the low -level transactions are acceptable.In summary, the price of steel in Sichuan and Chongfeng is expected to be stable tomorrow.

      【Customer view】

      A: Tradeers: The futures have risen again, the shipment is much better, the price is stable, and the price increase may not be able to dispatch the goods.

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