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[转帖] Flash charging pioneer, Tonglu Zhixing

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    [Hangzhou,real time news website China, December 20, 2023]The 2023 China Automotive Charging Ecological Conference was successfully held under the host of the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance (EVCIPA, hereinafter referred to as the "China Charging Alliance") and the China Automobile Industry Association's charging and replacement branch.At this conference, China's first luxury car brand charging service platform organization, the China Charging Alliance Flash Charging Committee, was formally established.

    The China Charging Alliance Flash Charging Committee is a non -profit organization established by the global (Super) luxury brand to respect, trust, friendly cooperation, and benefit.Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo Motors, Gexing Technology, Luther Technology and Lightning Speed Technology have become the founding member units.After the establishment of the Flash Charging Committee, the members will jointly build a high -power intelligent super fast charging technology through the cutting -edge brand flash charge stations; jointly deploy the construction of charging networks, realize resource sharing, and win -win business; explore innovative supplementary energy solutions togetherThe plan provides the high -quality development of high -quality, safe, intelligent, luxurious, luxurious, and shared by luxury brand car owners to help China ’s high -quality development of China supplement infrastructure construction.

    The China Charging Alliance Flash Charging Committee is a second -level organization affiliated to the China Charging Alliance. It has been strongly supported and guided by the China Charging Alliance since its establishment.Under the guidance and supervision of the industry association, the Flash Charging Committee will be committed to creating a cutting -edge energy network that integrates super fast charging, intelligent automation charging, high -quality five -star service, and energy storage solutions."Smart replenishment new ecosystem, comprehensively expand smart charging, smart scenes, promote the interconnection of charging services, and the formulation of luxury brand supplementary service standards, help Chinese electric vehicle replenishment infrastructure, accelerate the global smart supplement industry reformEssence

    Dr. Wang Fang, Deputy Secretary -General of the China Charging Alliance, said: "With the continuous upgrading of my country's new energy vehicle industry, the Chinese supplementary energy industry will also move towards a new stage of high -quality development. After the establishment of the Flash Charging Committee, it will be guided by the China Charging Alliance under the guidance of the China Charging Alliance. Promote the improvement of safety, green, high -quality and efficient supplemental infrastructure and service standards, and jointly promote the high -quality development of the charging industry. "

    Dr. Wang Fang, Deputy Secretary -General of the China Charging Alliance, published a message

    During this conference, Lotus introduced the self -developed Nonghe Black Technology -Lauders Smart Optical Storage Robot Supercharise Station.Located in the Hangzhou Fuyang Luther Energy Headquarters Luttes Smart Optical Storage Charging Robot Supercharge Station is one of the most cutting -edge high -power full -scene smart charging solutions. It meets the industry's most advanced 800V architecture high -voltage charging needs.The world's first mass -produced "flash charging robot", the self -developed liquid cold supercharge terminal Ultra, 22kW intelligent AC piles, to enable the controller to enjoy pure electricity in a more intelligent, convenient and efficient wayTraveling; introducing photovoltaic power generation technology, perfectly interacting for photovoltaic and energy storage and power grids, maximizing the use of green power use, and equipped with user energy storage systems, one -stop solution of energy reservation and energy storage can meet the needs of car owners.

    Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Luther Group, said at the establishment ceremony: "While providing users with a million -class luxury pure electric vehicle products, it also brings users a luxurious charging service experience to lead the times.Other members of the committee work together to build a shared flash charge station to bring the luxury charging experience that surpass expectations to Luther users and more luxury electric vehicle users. "

    Mr. Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Luther Group, published a message

    Interconnection, intellectual travel, define luxury car charging service standards

    According to statistics from the Federation of Federation: In November 2023, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in luxury vehicles reached 30.9%.While the rapid growth of luxury new energy vehicles, the needs of luxury brand users on charging services are getting higher and higher.Create more convenient energy supplement outlets, faster charging speed, and more exclusive and exclusive service experience for users, have become the main topics of many luxury brands.

    At present, mainstream automobile brands have entered the field of replenishment and self -built brands are super fast charging networks.However, single soldiers are difficult to fight.The single -brand supplementary site not only has limited quantities and uneven user experience, but also may encounter problems such as vicious competition in site selection, repetitive field construction construction, and low return on investment.

    Looking at China and other major automotive markets in the world, the establishment of cooperative relationships between car brands, achieving a win -win cooperation in industrial chain in the field of supplementary energy, and providing users with high value charging services have become a major industry trend.In this context, China's first luxury car market charging service platform organization, the China Charging Alliance Flash Charging Committee, came into being.

    Through the Flash Charging Committee, Lotus Technology will combine with Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo Motors, Polar Star Technology, Lightning Speed Energy Technology, combined with the development trend of electric vehicles and the needs of new energy system construction, focusing on intelligent, automated and high -power charging stationsConstruction; continuously improve the standard system of luxury flash charge service, strengthen the standardization of construction and maintenance, product performance, interconnection, and other content. By incorporating intelligent and orderly charging into the pile product function rangeThe network, realize a win -win business cooperation model, and build a sustainable new intelligent supplement new ecosystem.

    Mr. Wang Xiaofei, CEO of Hangzhou Lightning Speed Technology Co., Ltd., said: "Members of the Flash Charging Committee can achieve complementary resources. We will jointly create a cutting -edge energy network, enhance the standards for luxury brands, and provide users with efficient, safe and intelligent, wisdom, Sharing the replenishment experience, make every effort to promote the high -quality and sustainable development of China's energy supplement infrastructure. "

    Mr. Wang Xiaofei, CEO of Hangzhou Lightning Speed Technology Co., Ltd., published a message

    Flash charging Pioneer Luther, leading the whole scene "track -level" supplement experience

    Luther is a brand born on the track and has always had a unremitting pursuit of speed.In the era of pure electricity, Lotus's requirements for vehicle performance are not only stronger acceleration performance, more extreme curve control, but also every efficient complement.The Luther Headquarters's Luther Smart Light Reserve Charging Robot Supercharge Station is a comprehensive leading diversified and replenishment technology centralized display station, which refreshes the standard of luxury car charging experience.

    Lutes Smart Optical Storage Robot Supercharge Station

    Luther, the world's first mass -produced "flash charging robot" equipped with the stations, brings users a full -range unsophisticated speed supplement experience.The smart control system of Luther's "Flash Charging Robot" includes the intelligent perception system of 8 freedom intelligent collaborative system and 9 sensor, which can completely replace the car owner to complete the whole process of taking guns, martial arts, charging, guns, and guns.Users do not need to tangled the parking angle. After parking, they calmly and off the bus after the parking, so that the controller does not have the concerns of "heavy guns" and "tedious operations".Yes, coming and going like wind, elegant and calm.

    Luther's "Flash Charging Robot" helps users enjoy the full process of the full process without sensitive speed charging experience

    The "Self -Research Light Cold Line Ultra Ultra" in the Luther Super Charging Station supports the industry's leading full -liquid cold high -power charging architecture, the maximum 600A current output, to perform rapid power supply charging energy for the vehicle, and the fast charging modeIncreasing the electricity from 10%to 80%, ELETRE (parameter 丨 picture) only takes 20 minutes, and Emeya only takes 15 minutes.Let users experience the efficiency of "F1 Racing P Room".

    Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, Lotus innovative introduces photovoltaic power generation technology, perfectly interacting for photovoltaic and energy storage with the intelligent power grid, and maximizing the use of green electricity.The whole station is equipped with a total of 40 light boards, which is calculated based on the average annual sunshine time of Hangzhou. The average annual power generation is about 22,000 degrees. While providing users with a green and low -carbon lifestyle, it also contributed to achieving the "dual carbon" goal.

    The "vehicle+charging station+cloud" of the Luther Supercharge Station three security customs clearance and five security protection, realize the "steward -level" data security, allows users to charging well and reassuring.

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