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[转帖] Who is more difficult for James and Kobe?Xiao Si: One person has to look at the feel, and one person does not need to prepare

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    For the defensor,Popular information websites it is an absolute test in the face of Kobe.No matter how outstanding defender you are, Kobe can always find weaknesses and use it.His pace and his outstanding step -by -step ability allow him to shoot from any place.At the same time, Kobe has a shocking breakthrough and creativity, which can make a lot of trouble for the defender.

    So, who is more difficult to prevent?If we want to look at it from technology and comprehensiveness, it can be said that James is more difficult to defend.He has excellent physical fitness and can perform well in various positions.However, from the perspective of technical details and singles ability, Kobe is even more headache.His shooting skills and breakthrough ability made him unable to be predicted and restricted.For the defender, no matter what the player is in the face of that player, he needs to make great efforts.

    Whether you are a fan of James or Kobe's fans, we have to admit that they are all real basketball geniuses.Their unique skills, dominance and competition spirit make them one of the most difficult opponents in history.

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