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[转帖] French writer Pascar Ginial's Chinese complex

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      Author: Ge Jinling (Professor and Master Student instructor of Western Academy of Foreign Languages in Zhejiang Yuexiu)

      Pascar Cunial is 高速资讯a French contemporary writer, musician, linguist, philosopher and thinker.He is also a translator who has translated classical philosophical ideas in Latin, Chinese, and Greek, including the masterpiece of Gongsun Long, a representative figure of the Chinese pre -Qin and Qinzi family.Genial's exposure group has been interested in Chinese classical philosophy and literature since childhood, and has a respect for Chinese classical culture.Through the study of Chinese philosophy "Lao Tzu" and "Zhuangzi", he studied Taoist thought in depth.

      Chinese traditional culture is a source of his literary creation.Dialogue with the East has become his important creative wealth and has also become his significant artistic feature.He is good at quoting the scriptures, such as Chinese literary masterpieces, the remarks of ancient Chinese historical figures, and the philosophical thoughts of Lao Tzu and Zhuangzi, all of which constitute a unique perspective of his creation.He tried to stop in the "accumulation layer" of different civilizations and regions, picking up the cultural elements of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient India, ancient Egypt, and ancient China, and combined with his literary creation and philosophy.

      Gennel's creation is always full of imagination of historical scenes, profound reflection on the situation of reality, and calm questions about life and death, existence and nothingness, love and desire.He abandoned the linear narrative structure, allowed Western civilization and oriental culture, so that ancient anecdotes and modern legends, so that the truth of history and the fiction of creation became a dialogue and questioning crossing time and space, creating space -time cross, multi -voice chanting singingAlso integrated artistic effects.

      In 1997, due to heart disease, Ginial was hospitalized for emergency hospitalization. Such experiences inspired him. The novel "Secret Life" later won the French Cultural Award for his unique literary form.The novel is more like a prose of a minister, melting dreams, poetry, myths, motto, diary, and novels in one furnace, giving people a strange sense of unique.In the work, the author describes an unforgettable love that he has experienced in the first person, explaining his deep understanding and experience of love.At the same time, through continuous fantasy and contemplation, love, life and literature are integrated into one, so that readers have a strong and disruptive understanding of love.Especially in the work, the author tells the journey of coming to China to pursue Zhuangzi's footprint.The novel wrote: In 1995, accompanied by M (the character in the book), the author came to the hometown of Zhuangzi Village, Qinglian Temple Village, Shunhe Township, Minquan County, Henan, China.

      The journey of the hometown of Gennel's hometown is not only a space trip, but also a psychological and spiritual "pilgrimage".Writers cross the exotic space and space, think about the current significance of Taoism philosophy, extend their personal intellectual experience to rational speculation of society, and try to reshape the secular life wrapped in modern materialism.

      The novel "Wandering Shadow" of Gonggul Literature Award was both like novels, but also like essays and prose, and blending various themes.The combination of the work of the work is not only the personal experience and the historical events of Chinese and the West, but also the author's thinking about time, life and society.The word "shadow" runs through the novels, refers to those sages who have come from ancient times to the present, far from the hidden practitioners and extraordinary thinkers.The author believes that creation is a kind of wandering. He crosses the ancient Greek period, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages to the contemporary society, spanning Europe, America and Asia, especially China.Drifting.In this work, Ginial showed the "unity of heaven and man" and "inaction" in the Taoist thought.He believes that all human behaviors should follow objective laws, and art and life are the case.The author pointed out that human beings are progressing and civilization are developing, but if they ignore the laws of nature, destroying the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature will bring disaster to humans.He also predicted that if naturally suffering from being destroyed, we will pay the cost of money and life in the future for water, in exchange for air, in exchange for sunlight.At the same time, the author also criticized the damage of world peace in the novel and the United States hegemonism and the huge disaster caused to human beings.

      Lao Tzu's thoughts, from ultra -dust outbound world, quietly living, to "Dao Yin Unknown", Hao Pu and Suggaining, in line with "nature" in the world of "quiet and good", which deeply affects Ginial's worldview.Although he has achieved extraordinary literature, he is low -key.He believes that fame is not a symbol of a person's identity.Therefore, he resigned all the social positions he held in France.He never thought he was a writer, but a reader. Only when reading, he was the most vibrant.

      Ginial's novels are often inlaid with elements of Chinese classical literature and ancient philosophy, and introduce Chinese history and culture in a jumping manner.In "Secret Life", he deliberately chose the love story of Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru to explore the concept of Chinese love.Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru eloped, attributed to the market, and lived a poor and happy life.Ginial appreciated that they can abandon everything for love & mdash; & mdash; their love is not restricted by social rules, is not subject to the old rules, and the family's control, even in the face of intimidation.As a result, all these regulations began to crack down on their lover who separated from their control.

      In "The Shadow of the Wandering", Ginial scanned the old days from the perspective of the writer, and the sinking was lost in the truth in the heavy history, revealing the democracy and freedom of lies.Genial's criticism of the false and freedom of the ancient Roman era in the novel is extremely sharp.

      In Chapter 44 of "The Shadow of Wandering", Ginial remembered the legend of the Chinese classics Robe Chengzi.Bo Chengzi advocates freedom and is willing to abandon all, and coincides with the freedom deep in the personal heart pursued by Ginial.

      The aesthetic connotation in some Genial works allows the human body to realize the realm of Chinese philosophy and art.His literary creation, through insights on history, seemed to see today's world, use the value of anti -questioning of culture, and use the pursuit of human spirit to eliminate the unspeakable anxiety and loneliness that the people are unspeakable.By dialogue with the multiculturalism of different time and space, Ginial went to visit those immortal souls, to realize the events that could not be erased in the historical space -time and the origin of the human nature behind the incident, and gave readers to interpret the world, history, and society.The possibility of life.

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