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[转帖] Cao Hongwei | Persist in finally correcting fruits to turn regrets into power to go to the next level

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    Original title: Cao Hongwei | Persist in correction fruit to turn regrets into motivation to go to the next level

    After the fierce competition of the twelve rounds of the sixth stops throughout the year,头条新闻 the 2023 season CTCC China Auto Field Professional League-TCR International Automobile China Series (hereinafter referred to as CTCC-TCR China) ushered in a new king-from HyundaiCao Hongwei of Team N was the first crowned annual driver championship on the Dongwangyang track in Macau.As one of the most representative drivers in CTCC in recent years, from the age of being famous to the year, Cao Hongwei, who has been fighting the annual crown many times, has finally "cultivated a positive result", and in the 20th anniversary of the CTCC 20th anniversary seasonRealizing the crown of the new king is also the best return to his diligent car road.

    This year, not only coincides with the founding of the event 20anniversary,returnAfter the new upgrade, the three major manufacturers, the six major brands, and a total of 48 cars in the season participated in the CTCC-TCR China competition.The last round of official war.In this context, who can break out of the heroes, it is self -evident.

    The British F3 Formula Championship annual championship, the only Chinese who won the championship since the start of 1950, the CTCC's youngest champion record holder ... Faced with many honors, Cao Hongwei has always been very frank.Behind these aura, Cao Hongwei felt that he had grown through the competition not only driving technology, but also responsibility.

    The growth of a driver will inevitably endure the test of public opinion.In the 2017, 2018 and 2019 season, Cao Hongwei has won the top three of the year, but has always missed the annual titles of the year.Facing the regrets of the annual championship several times, Cao Hongwei believes that this is the variable of the racing race and the charm.Both mistakes or competitive luck may be left and right.He chose to continue waiting, and he believed that he would get a return one day.

    "Either recognition of me or denying, I won't ignore it. I believe that I must be possible, but it takes time to prove it. Turn regret into power to go to the next level."

    This year is Cao Hongwei's fourth team since the CTCC, and he once again came together with the two teammates during the Changan Ford period.Hyundai N, who entered a high -profile entry into the game, has locked the target at the beginning of the season.Cao Hongwei still knows the pressure of shoulder.And his road to winning the championship is really wonderful enough.

    In the Shanghai Jiading Station in May, Cao Hongwei first drove the Erant N TCR racing to the battlefield to win. After the start, he rode the dust to win the first championship for the team.Essence

    "Fortunately, I am still active in the CTCC arena. Now under the concept of the Golden League, the intensity of the game is even higher.In CTCC. The growth of the participating camp is undoubtedly great help to promote the development of Chinese racing sports. This year is a good opportunity for me. However, the season has just begun, and one time to win.Continuously improve myself, only stronger than yesterday can we maintain competitiveness forever. I am looking forward to getting better results in CTCC this year. "Cao Hongwei said.

    In June, Shaoxing Rainy War replaced the rival of the new car to show the extraordinary speed.Cao Hongwei, who did not occupy the advantage, was steadily fighting. In the first round, he brought back the fifth place in the fifth place in the first round, and harvested valuable points. In the second round of the rain, Cao Hongwei won the second championship in the next season.

    In July, Cao Hongwei, who ushered in the home battle, lived up to the hood to complete the hat -trick, and won the third crown of his personal half.And again on the second round of melee.As a result, Cao Hongwei gradually established a leading situation in the annual standings of the driver.

    The competition in the 2023 season is becoming more and more hot after entering the second half of the season.Returning to the game in September, the departure scale has been upgraded to 35 units.Under the rules of BOP, Cao Hongwei's car facing a rigorous weight than the opponent on the field in the second half, and the performance advantage has shrunk significantly.In the first round, Cao Hongwei's scores were relatively struggling. In the second round, Cao Hongwei departed from the twelfth place and chased the podium by victory.

    Back to Zhuzhou, Hunan, Cao Hongwei once again encountered a strong barrier of the opponents at home. Both rounds were lost with the awards podium in two rounds, and they handed over the position of the score list.At this point, people remembered the figure that repeatedly passed the championship again.The pressure of the annual championship was suddenly gathered in Macau's final battle.

    In November, CTCC moved the Macau Dongwangyang Circuit to the end of the 2023 season.Under the 70th anniversary of the Grand Macau Grand Macau and the 20th anniversary of the CTCC, the finals of this year seemed to be extraordinary.

    Before the game, it seems that everyone is generally more optimistic about Jack Young from Dongfeng Honda.However, Cao Hongwei, who had a strong conviction of the annual championship, proved herself with victory and successfully reached the highest podium at the first round of the Macau station.At the same time, benefiting from the opponent's retirement, Cao Hongwei has successfully achieved the annual crowns in the second round of the finals.Perhaps his persistence was moved to the goddess of luck, and for many years.

    Cao Hongwei said that this season will make him unforgettable: "Macau winning is a very difficult thing. In a fierce competitive national event, winning in Macau is a unforgettable memory.Finally, he won the first annual championship since he participated in the CTCC event. This year's competition is very difficult to come all the way. Thank you for the support of modern cars and everyone in the team. "

    Standing in the new era of CTCC, Cao Hongwei will also go to a new journey with the competition and start towards the dream of his next annual champion.

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