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[转帖] A French pharmaceutical company sold "weight loss pills" at least 500 people died, and was sentenced to "crime of losing homicide" and fined more than 430 million euros

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    According to CCTV's report on December 21,hot topic website on the 20th local time, the Paris Appeal Court of France maintained the judgment of "serious fraud" and "crime of losing homicide" in the French pharmaceutical giant Shi Weiya, and put it over 430 million euros in total.About RMB 3.36 billion was fined.

    It is reported that a diabetic drug from this pharmaceutical company has been abused as a weight loss pill, causing at least 500 people to die.Shi Weiya said it plans to appeal to the Supreme Court.

    (Picture source: CCTV Finance)

    "Problem medicine" has been sold for 33 years

    According to Xinhua News Agency, a court of Paris, the capital of France, was sentenced to French pharmaceutical company Schivia Company on March 29, 2021 to pay a fine of 2.7 million euros (about 20.88 million yuan).A diabetic drug of this company has been abused as a weight loss pill, and the drug itself will cause fatal damage to patients, which has killed hundreds of people.

    The main component of "problem medicine" and "Mediator" is phenylrastin. It is not only used as the attending drugs of patients with obese diabetes, but also considered an effective appetite inhibitor to treat patients with obesity non -diabetes.

    (Picture source: CCTV Finance)

    This drug was launched in the market in 1976. In 2009, the French government included it in the list of banned drugs because it could cause cardiopulmonary functional damage and even life -threatening.Spain and Italy have been banned of such drugs before.

    Agence France -Presse reports that the drug has been sold in the market for 33 years and is one of the worst medical scandals in French history.

    Some experts believe that the actual number of deaths is 2100

    According to the decision on March 29, 2021, the above court in Paris, Shi Weiya Company was established in negligence, serious deception, and non -intentional injury, and fined 2.7 million euros to order the defendant.

    The French Ministry of Health said at least 500 people died of heart valve because of taking Mediator.Agence France -Presse reports that some experts believe that the actual number of deaths is 2,100.

    Former Vice President of Shi Weiya, the former vice president of Shi Philip Seta, had been sentenced to 4 years and fined.He is the last defendant in the leadership of Shi Weiya.This time, the Court of Appeals in Paris, France, maintained a judgment of its four -year sentence and stated that one of them must be "arrest".

    Former Vice President of Shi Weiya -Philip Seta (Picture Source: CCTV Finance)

    The survivor said that the drug has a good weight loss, but it will cause heart disease

    Some survivors said that after taking this medicine as a weight loss medicine, they were forced to undergo cardiac transplant surgery.The plaintiff Stefani told AFP that someone said that this medicine was very great. I lost 10 kilograms in the first month of the medication. "She took Mediator in 3 years and was diagnosed with heart disease in 2009.

    The court ruled on March 29, 2021 that Shi Weiya Company placed the interests of corporate interests on the rights and interests of patients, allowing this drug to be widely used as a weight loss prescription drug.

    However, Shiweiya argued that companies did not know the danger of Mediator to consumers until 2009, and never claimed that Mediator was a weight loss pill.

    In the case for more than 10 months from 2019 to 2020, there were nearly 400 lawyers.Agence France -Presse reported that more than 6,500 plaintiffs from many French medical insurance funds had claimed about 1 billion euros to Schovia.

    The judge's reading of the judgment took almost 3 hours.The trial judge Donnis said that although Shiweiya's management has known the risk of drugs for many years, "they have not taken necessary measures." Instead, they "mislead" consumers.

    Jimu News Comprehensive CCTV Finance, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming.com

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