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[转帖] Bazhar's owner lowers design and modeling

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    Bazhar's owner lowers design and modeling

    main content:

    1. Combining the current situation and trend of the main reduction in the Baha car race at home and abroad,时事热点 and based on the status of the car in the previous events, the main reducer is analyzed.

    2. Query of various parameter data and calculate the main parameters of the main speeder.

    3. Based on the problem, comprehensively calculate the various parameters, design a primary subtraction that adapts to the working conditions of Baha racing

    4. Preliminary modeling and verification modifications are carried out through CATIA and simulation software.

    5. Sort out the design process and summarize the content of the topic.

    basic requirements

    1. The drawing of drawings is accurate and meets national requirements.

    2. The design instructions (thesis) are more than 15,000 words. The concept is clear, clear, and rigorous.

    3. The research plan and design route are correct, the data is reliable, and the conclusion is credible.

    4. Graduation design documents search for no less than 15 articles, and no less than 200 words for each article.

    5. The opening report is not less than 1200 words.

    6. Make sure that English translation is accurate.

    7. Complete the decision -making debugging under the guidance of the teacher and calculate the results.

    The replication ratio of the text detection of graduation design instructions is not higher than 35%.

    1. The meaning of the topic

      The Baha competition is a technical and interesting event. It is the predecessor of the Formula of the College Student.

    Participants and low -grade students from colleges and universities participated.The competition requires the team of students from all institutions in China to be within the prescribed time, and

    Use the same type of engine to design and manufacture a small off -road vehicle with a single -seater, middle engine, and rear -wheel drive based on the rules.

    Through competitions, students can further grasp professional knowledge and skills such as the design, manufacturing, assembly, adjustment and maintenance, marketing, and other aspects of car structure and improve team cooperation capabilities.

      The structure of the Baha car seems simple, but the race has extremely rigorous static car inspection links.Most of the racing cars in Baha Competition have problems such as wheel slipping, main reducing gear damage, and poor power performance, and the CVT automatic transmission is widely used on the car. Research and analysis of the main speedor is based on the vehicle design profile calculation.The transmission ratio is used to solve the problems of wheel slipping and poor power performance, and design the main speed device that can complete the task of the competition. By calculating the size of the main parts of the main reducer, the three -dimensional model is established through the CATIA software.It is analyzed by transient dynamics to determine parts material.The design of the main speeder can provide a reference for the next generation of racing design.Improve students' professional innovation by designing the design of the main deceleration.

    2. Research background

      BAJA is Spanish, which means off -road.Before college students participated in BAJA, this event was in the American continent

    It is already very popular, and it is usually a race of 1,000 miles (about 1600 kilometers).American SAE sees this

    The project can be used to learn the educational activities of mechanical engineering students. Therefore, in 1976, a MINI BAJA race was held in Southern California in 1976. Racing and power are much smaller than the BAJA car. The cost is about 50,000 yuan. The engine is still provided uniformly.EssenceThe National College Student Parha Contest hosted by the Chinese Automobile Engineering Society (SAE-China) has successfully held 4 sessions, which attract nearly 100 college teams to participate every year.Except for the engine, the vehicle is provided by the organizer, and other racing components are independently designed and manufactured by students.The driving bridge main speeder is an important part of the transmission system that can change the speed and torque, so that the vehicle can adapt to complex use of the working conditions.After the engine output power to the CVT, it is transmitted to the half -axis of the vehicle after the speed increase of the primary speeder, and then passed to the wheel.However, because the parameters of the main reducer are more complicated, the manufacturing process is more difficult, and the price is very expensive. Therefore, more and more fleets will choose to independently develop the car owner reducer to make the car race full of innovation.


        This article is designed to design a Bazhar owner reducer, combined with the current domestic and foreign races of the Baha Rama, reviewing the current status of the main subtitle design and research in the field of Baha Raca, and then the working principle and structure of the main speeder work and structureAnalysis.By understanding the pastapa competition, the influence of the unreasonableness of the design of the main speeder on the Baha racing car is further corrected.Analyze and design each component of the main reducer, establish a flat map of each part, and then model the components preliminary components through the CATIA 3D modeling software, and then simulate the three -dimensional model.Draw the drawings and check the school, and finally complete the design manual.

    Fourth, design plan

    1. Design a main speed device with a reasonable range of transmission ratio and reliable performance;

    2. In the design process, master the design points and transmission ratio calculation methods of the Baha main speeder;


    Expected results

       1) Check the literature to understand the development trend and background of the owner of the Baha Gyrobes at home and abroad, and find out the shortcomings of the Bazhar owner lowers in the competition through the previous Paha Raca owners, and propose a design plan.

       2) According to the problem of the main speeder in the design scheme, complete the overall structure design of the Baha Gyrobe's owner reducer, and model, simulate and test the structure of the main speed device through the three -dimensional modeling tools such as CATIA.

       3) Correct the progress of the progress of the subject, complete the related work of the subject according to the plan, fill in the middle inspection report on time

       4) Write a graduation thesis and confirm the first draft.

       5) Rectify the preliminary draft of the paper under the guidance of the teacher, and finally confirm the final draft of the paper.

       6) According to the graduation thesis, the defense ppt, after the defense is over, organize the graduation information according to the teacher's requirements.


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