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[转帖] Longnan Olives was rated by Gansu's first "Climate Good Product"

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    Longnan Olives was rated by Gansu's first "Climate Good Product"

      Daily Gansu.com December 21 News According to the Lanzhou Evening News,News information website on December 19, the 2nd China Meteorological Tourism Industry Development Conference was held in Sanmenxia, Henan Province. Our province's Longnan Olive Olives won the title of "Good Climate Product". This is the first to obtain the climate certification sign in Gansu ProvinceFeatured agricultural products.

      "Good Climate Products" certification is an effective measure for the meteorological department to carry out meteorological services for agricultural service improvement and efficiency in recent years. It uses scientific indicators to analyze the climate value of agricultural products.Good product "brand.Longnan City is one of the world's top olive gold producing areas. It is suitable for light, soil and climatic conditions, which makes Longnan grow high olive production and high oil content."Liquid Gold" and "Plant Oil Queen" have won international awards.

      In recent years, the Longnan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have insisted on using olive olives as a famous Longnan brand. After the four stages of quotation tests, demonstration promotion, industrialization development, and innovation drive, with the three -year multiplied action plan and industrial chain construction of special industries and the construction of the industrial chainIn -depth advancement, the scale of the olive base is continuously expanded, the processing capabilities have continued to improve, the industrial chain has been continuously extended, the economic benefits, ecological benefits, and social benefits are prominent.Base, was awarded the title of "China Olives" by the China Economic Forest Association.The Longnan Municipal Meteorological Bureau fully excavates the potential of climate resources, establishes evaluation models and certification indicators, carries out climate quality analysis and traceability system construction, provides targeted full -process and refined weather services to help the construction of olive brands.At present, the olive industry has gradually expanded from Wudu District, Wenxian, and Dangchang County to Lixian, Xihe, Chengxian, and Kangxian County in the Western Han Water Basin.EssenceThe city's olive planting area is 1.04 million mu, the output of fresh fruits is 54,000 tons, and the comprehensive output value is 4 billion yuan. The planting area, output, and output value are ranked first in the country.

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