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[转帖] Pursuing green and green to the United States, and the environment and culture season of the 19th Capital of the Capital of the Capital, the Season closed successfully

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    Hi,火速资讯 the future journey of the 19th cultural season is approaching.

    Does it feel like this trip for more than two months?

    This is the agreement with you to go to the green mountains.

    Chasing green and turning green, walking towards the beauty.Focusing on the theme of "the builder and the harmonious coexistence of nature", it officially closed from the beginning of 2023 Jinqiuyi to December 21, accompanied by 15 offline activities and 4 online activities in full swing.The cultural season was successfully ended, leaving unforgettable youthful memories for college students in the capitals.

    "We encourage college students to independently carry out diversified environmental protection activities. Students have continuously developed innovation in the theme planning, organizational implementation, and promotion of activities, so that the cultural season presents the spiritual appearance of 'new vitality, new fashion, new practice' '. "Talking about the gains of the cultural season in 2023, the person in charge of the Beijing Ecological Environmental Protection Publicity Center said at the closing ceremony.

    In the first two months, along the five directions of "popular science, practice, speculation, art, and footprint", the ecological and environmental protection song of college students in the capital university sang in Beijing.

    The environmental and cultural season of the 19th Capital College was hosted by the Beijing Ecological Environmental Protection Publicity Center and the Beijing Student Federation. Since its launch on October 25, 19 environmental protection practice activities have been carried out in the past two months.From more than 60 communities from nearly 50 universities including Tsinghua University, Central University for Petroleum (Beijing), Northern University of Technology, International Relations College, Capital Medical University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, more than 70,000 college students participated in it.Help beautiful Beijing ecological construction.

    Surprising sublimation practice: The debate feast is wonderful

    Environmental theme debate is one of the major highlights of the cultural season.This year, around ecological environment hotspots such as over -packaging, the development of new energy vehicles, and practicing low -carbon life, the debate team from 31 universities gathered in North China University of Technology, bringing 31 thinking confrontation.Multiple rounds of lips and tongue arguments, many tit -for -tat tattoo, the debate team of Communication University of China and the Chinese University of Political Science and Law debate stood out among many universities and advanced to the finals.

    At the final scene, the debaters of the two sides started the "ultimate" contest around the issue of "more harmonious coexistence of man and nature relying on policies or improving the public environmental awareness".

    "The power of policy is that it can provide enforcement for environmental protection concepts to ensure that there is legal support behind each action." The square's point of view is powerful."The change of consciousness is the lead, which can drive the change of social behavior, and the substantial progress of environmental protection begins with people's hearts."In the end, the debate team of Communication University of China won the championship of this environmental protection theme debate.

    "The debate is the most long -lasting activity in the cultural season and the most participating in the school. It can best show the students' thinking on environmental hot issues. The annual debate finals are held with the closing ceremony of the cultural season.Wisdom and youthful vitality. "The relevant person in charge of the event introduced.

    The collision of friendship and inspiration: condense youth environmental protection forces

    Go to the beautiful future of green mountains and green mountains.In the minds of every classmate participating in the cultural season, we adhere to this belief.

    "I really experienced the like -minded friends around me and put into practice of environmental protection and ingenuity one by one. The form of unique activities made me eye -catching. I also learned many techniques for the planning and organization of the event." At the closing ceremony, the International Relations College of the International Relations CollegeLiu Lei told his feelings as the chairman of the executive committee.

    It is reported that the number of activities in the current cultural season is the highest in the years, the year of the largest number of offline activities.At the same time, the organizer worked hard at multiple schools, and the development of the activities highlighted the linkage of cross -school, across majors, and cross -domains, and encouraged students to get out of the campus and increase the interconnection of environmental protection activities between universities.

    During this cultural season, 40 environmental protection communities of 25 universities gathered together to talk about the construction of low -carbon campuses at Qinghua University; hundreds of students from 16 universities called for the protection of the ocean at the University of Petroleum of Petroleum;The beauty of biological diversity of different campuses; college students of environmental protection communities in 7 universities jointly held weekend environmental protection markets at the Chinese Mining and Technology University; 219 teams from many universities will transform waste products into the craftsmanship "Dao China" at the Central University for Nationalities.; 11 college students in universities have participated in the online "CD" punching operation for 30 consecutive days ...

    The five major categories of "popular science, practice, speculation, art, art, and footprint" fully demonstrate the youthful style of the capital college students, and record the intimate linkage and inspiration between the colleges and universities of the capital.

    Miao Yuhan, Secretary -General of the Executive Committee of the Capital Medical University: "Everyone cooperates, our goal is not only to radiate the activity to more institutions and improve the quality of activities. In the process, we have formed a close team.Establish a lot of precious friendship. "

    Environmental inspiration and innovation: cultivation of green ecological culture of colleges and universities

    The awards for individuals and environmental protection communities with outstanding performance in the cultural season are the "highlights" of the closing ceremony.At the closing ceremony of this cultural season, more than 50 student representatives from more than 50 environmental protection communities from Tsinghua University, the School of International Relations, and China Agricultural University won the title of "Low Carbon Star of the Capital College".

    In addition to personal awards, this year's cultural season has specially established five types of group awards for the Green Science Popularization Award, Innovation Practice Award, Best Communication Award, Best Popularity Award and Best Organization Award.

    The "Footprint of Water" River Water Quality Monitoring has won the Green Popular Science Awards.In the process of visiting the water quality of the river on the spot, the students also played the role of popular science education. They patiently explained the importance of water resources to the residents.Attract, experience water quality monitoring and clean the river garbage together."This is not only an environmental protection action, but also a vivid science science science class." The head of the event organizer commented.

    Various activities to win the Innovation Practice Award are also remarkable.The Open Environment Laboratory of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of North China Electric Power University, fun experiments and wonderful explanations allow students to understand the harm of chemicals to the environment and explore the scientific principles behind environmental protection;The "personal" exchanges of "carton pets" competed with "relay", and used the waste carton to play fun, and it also evoked the eager attention of environmental protection; the Beijing Forestry University Youth Volunteer Association launched the "let environmental protection take root now with green.In the future, "Climate Operation Workshop enters the community activities, 90 groups of parent -child families hold small hands to achieve low -carbon environmental protection from the" doll "and grab ...

    The best organization award has always been the heaviest honor of the cultural season.The environmental protection theme debate race hosted by the University of Technology and the environmental protection salon hosted by Tsinghua University won the best organization award in this cultural season.31 debates are fair and orderly, and each debate process is rigorous and organized by the pre -match lottery, selected judges, on -site debate, post -match propaganda, and other debates.More than 100 college students from 25 universities in environmental protection salons participated, inviting professional big coffees and multi -angle to set up exchange issues."Whether it is broad -vision, learning new knowledge, or from the aspects of activity organization, coordination, and publicity, we have learned a lot of things from these two activities, which are very inspirational." At the same timeStudents said this.

    "In the process of diversified exchanges and participation, students felt different campus environmental protection culture, learned the experience of outstanding community organization activities, and made ecological environmental protection a hot spot for college students, and further cultivated green ecological culture of colleges and universities."Fang said, "In the future, it will continue to be led by the cultural season, and continuously create a more diverse and wonderful environmental protection practice platform for college students, fully demonstrate the youthful vitality and environmental protection actions of college students, guide and encourage youth to spread the concept of ecological civilization, and participate in the capital extensively to the capitalCome in green low -carbon construction. "

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