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[转帖] Zhijiang Aoyami won the national "climatic good product"

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        Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Wang Huichun Correspondent Dai Rui) The速递资讯 reporter learned from the provincial meteorological department that Zhijiang Agate Rice was rated in 2023 "China Climate Good Products", which was the first national "climatic good product" certification sign in Hubei ProvinceAgricultural products.

        On December 19, the second National Meteorological Tourism Industry Development Conference, hosted by the China Meteorological Service Association, was held in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. At the meeting, the "China Climate Good Product" was released and awarded the "China Climate Good Product" in 2023."Good Climate Products" is a sub -brand of the National Climate Logo. It uses scientific indicators to analyze the climate quality value of agricultural products. Through the admission of the State Administration of Market Supervision, the core production enterprise certification results and agricultural product climate quality evaluation technology reports are awarded.Product "brand certification.

        One side of the soil and soil has a good thing.According to reports, Zhijiang belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate. It has a mild climate, abundant rainfall, sufficient sunlight, dense rivers and lakes, and fertile soil. It is very suitable for rice growth and development. Therefore, since ancient times, it has been the hometown of fish and rice.Agate rice breed by superior geographical locations and warm climate conditions has the characteristics of "view of white as white as jade, scent of scent of smells, soft and glutinous sweetness and sweetness", which is the leader of the south.In order to stabilize the quality of agate rice, Zhijiang has introduced China -Enterprise Sinochem to build the most advanced smart agricultural platform in the country, build agricultural intelligent testing equipment, and use remote sensing satellites, Internet of Things sensing and imaging technology.Valid data such as meteorological and remote sensing, through the expert diagnosis and treatment system, allow farmers to use smart agricultural mobile phone APPs for field management.

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