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[转帖] Spring City Oulaburg Resort was selected as the Provincial Sports Tourism Demonstration Base

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    Texas News Network (Reporter Ma Le) Recently,热点新闻 the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued an announcement that 16 units were identified as the second batch of Shandong Sports Tourism Demonstration Bases, and the city's spring city of Oleta Castle Resort was selected.

    The Quancheng Oulaburg Resort is located in the Qihe Yellow River International Ecological City and the bank of the Yellow River. The total planned is 10 square kilometers, with a total investment of 21 billion yuan."" Competitive Sports "," Research Education "," Tourism and Holidays "," Leisure and Care ", the five major functional sections, integrate the six major services of" eating, accommodation, travel, and entertainment.Experience interaction, hot spring health, leisure vacation, catering and entertainment "eight major functions" have gathered, creating a cultural and sports tourism vacation destination for our city and surrounding cities.

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