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[转帖] Let the historical building rejuvenated in 2023 Cheng Cheng has completed 10 historical buildings repair work

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    Cover Journalist Zhu Ning

    The实时资讯 remains of the beads, the remnants of the remnant.The repair of historical buildings is an important way to bloom new students from historical dust and smoke, and it is also an important carrier for future generations to inherit history and understand history.On December 21, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Housing and Construction Bureau that in 2023, Chengdu has completed a total of 10 historical buildings such as Qiujia Temple in Jinjiang District and Zhougang Pavilion, Qianshi City.

    After repairing the Qiu Family Ancestral Hall

    The Qiu Family Ancestral Hall is no stranger to many old Chengdu. It is located at No. 41 Longwang Temple Street, Jinjiang District, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. Because it is close to Chunxi Road and Taikoo Li, there are also many citizens and tourists traveling.But for many people, they may have little understanding of the building itself.It is reported that the Qiu family ancestral hall was built by the Qiu family of the Meizhou in Guangdong during the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of 144 years. It is currently the only family ancestral temple that is still in the center of Chengdu.

    At present, the entire building outside the Qiu Family Ancestral Hall is still surrounded by isolation boards, but through the gap between the scattered isolation wall, it can be seen that the reconstruction of the Qiu Family Temple has been completed.Blue bricks, Daishi, mottled doors and windows, clean and flat courtyards.According to the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, in accordance with the "Chengdu Outstanding Modern Modern Architecture Protection Plan", in the renovation protection, the principle of "should be guaranteed, repair the old as the old", and fully retain the ancient building and old house of the temple hallThe overall pattern, architectural form, and original style are restored, the main body is reinforced, and the interior style is restored.During the subsequent activation process, it will also adhere to the concept of "new and old chimeric", implant the emerging format into the old buildings, integrate the modern cultural and creative elements and new lifestyles, and realize the "cage change bird".

    The Qiujia Ancestral Hall provides precious samples for studying Hakka immigration culture and clan culture. It is one of the typical representatives of the Sichuan traditional ancestral hall building.As a testimony of the important historical events of "Huguang Fill in Sichuan", the Qiu Family Ancestral Hall is an important part of supporting Chengdu as an "historical and cultural city".In 2005, the famous architectural expert Ji Fuzheng had led students to survey the Qiu Family Ancestral Hall in detail, thinking that it is rare in the domestic ancestral hall that retain such a complete family temple, and its value is enough to apply for key cultural relics nationwide.

    Green bricks, green tiles, antique courtyards, unique wall skirts and bow patterns, wooden grille windows all tell the history of this vicissitudes of Zhou Gongguan.Zhou Gongguan is located in Yang'an Community, Yang'an Town, Langshi City.The building was originally a man of a landlord named Zhou, and was later confiscated by the government.In 1952, Zhou Gongguan was used as a Yangan Joint Clinic.In 1958, the Yangan Joint Clinic was renamed Yang'an Commune Hospital, which was only moved out as a hospital until 1986.Since then, Zhou Gongguan has been used as a residential house.

    It is understood that there are 14 houses in the Zhou Gongguan, which are divided into three small courtyards of the front, middle and back. The buildings are mainly solid wood, lime, blue bricks, and green tiles.The doors and windows and eaves are rich in carvings.As a medical institution, it has served the residents of Yang'an Town for decades. It carries the memory of the majority of Yang'an people and witnessed the development history of Yang'an Town's medical and health care after the founding of New China.

    Since 1986, Zhou Gong House has become the residence of the people of Yang'an. With the historical years, various damage will inevitably occur.As an important case for studying the buildings of the western Sichuan region, the repair and protection of Zhou Gongguan is particularly important.

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