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[转帖] The 8th Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Meteorological Disaster Reduction Innovation Forum held in Jinjin to focus on response to climate change to promote scientific and technological innovation coordinated

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      On December 14th,实时新闻 the 8th Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Meteorological Disaster Reduction and Innovation Forum was held in Tianjin. Focusing on the improvement of the weather service capabilities of ecological civilization in Beijing, Tianjin -Hebei City, and discussed the key scientific issues and technical problems in weather guarantee services in the context of climate change.And solving the channels, etc., promote the in -depth exchanges of meteorological science and technology workers in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region, and strengthen science and technology collaborative innovation.

      The forum focuses on the impact of urban climate change and response, climate change on human health and services, and ecological construction climate change adaptation, the research and response of extreme weather and climate mechanism of the Haihe River Basin.11 experts and scholars from the Meteorological Department, Scientific Research Institute, and universities in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei region make special reports. The participating experts pointed out that the urban population is densely populated in Beijing, Tianjin -Hebei, and dense assets. In the context of global changes and urbanization,Compound extreme weather events are frequent, improving the composite extreme weather forecasting capabilities and meteorological disaster defense capabilities are imminent. It is necessary to clarify the pain points of business systems and scientific research in related fields, conduct in -depth research, further develop the fine forecast mode of urban refinement in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei regionEssence

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