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[转帖] Is it worth buying in the small town of Gaoligong in Jingye?Hui Pai architectural style design, upgrade human settlement quality

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      It is moment information websitelocated in Tengchong Town, Yunnan, and is also the hinterland of the Gaoligong Mountain Scenic Area. It is looking at the Gaoligong Mountains. It is a pleasant climate of 20 ° C. It is as high as 71%of the forest coverage.


      , Restore the deep feelings of the Chinese people to the yard, and integrate the landscape aesthetics with the complex of the courtyard.On top of the earth, create a Chinese building full of natural elegance.When the landscape meets, the courtyard under the mountain of Gaoligong has a quiet time. Through the sea of thousands of years, it will eventually reach the ideal of Guixin.


      The project planned the total high 7 and 11 floors of Jingye Gaoligong Town.Create a multi -group landscape. The design of the mountains and houses adopts the style of the Hui faction. The apartment is designed according to the landscape.Chinese Hui School architectural style.


      The project uses the planning concepts of mountains, water, and gardens, and combines the characteristics of the Hui faction architecture and Jiangnan Suzhou gardens to show the beauty of the Chinese courtyard.Efforts will be made to create an integrated product that integrates pensions, students, and vacation.


      Incidental delivery, the quality of Lizhi's quality of comfortable life, in order to allow the family to experience the ingenuity of the home, uphold the standard of delivery standards for high -end boutiques, the five major quality control systems, six major quality acceptance specifications, and high -quality hardcover standards.For the quality of product quality and refinement, with the strict and discerning standards, every detail of the artists is carved, and the quality of people's residence is continuously upgraded to create a delicate life for the residents.

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