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    Where does Lao Quezi Shanghai go to watch movies?一刻资讯

    The most tone, the most sensible

    There must be a Huaihai Road

    Cathay Cinema

    It is said that there is no old Shanghai classic

    Will be missed by "Flowers"

    as expected

    "Cathay Cinema" in the original novel

    It is a landmark -like existence

    Junior Abao and Betty often go

    Abao, Xiao Mao, and Shanghai Sheng brothers

    It is also there to meet there

    Betty likes movies ... Go to Cathay Pacific to watch "The Prince's Revenge", "Millions of Types", "Roman Holiday".At night, the intersection is the stage. Even if there are the children's libraries in the Fuxing Middle Road in the south, the bright lights at the door of Cathay Pacific can see.

    - "Flower"

    Author Jin Yucheng also personally equipped illustrations ↓

    As described in the book

    This European -style decorative art style theater

    Since opening in 1932

    Is a modern landscape at the intersection of Huaihai Road and Maoming

    How many Shanghai people are the same

    Whenever you pass

    There will be a scene of the past when the heart will emerge

    August 25, 2022

    92 -year -old Cathay Cinema stopped business and repaired

    At that time, many householders were in the message

    Share your ownExclusive memory

    "In the 1980s and 1990s

    Men and women at the entrance of the cinema

    I will hold a newspaper or a magazine in my hand "

    "The small hall has elegant seats, as well as Chong Guozhen"

    Everyone shouted to Cathay Pacific:

    "Again, hope to return!"

    More than a year has passed

    Today, Cathay Cinema is back!

    What does Liban look like?Change to be a heartbroken?

    Open the door this morning

    Fang Ji rushed over the first

    Gangfang friends sample

    Today's Cathay Cinema

    The appearance is still familiar

    But there is a big change inside ↓

    The ticket hall of the past

    Transformed into a multi -function mini hall

    Can be used for the audience to rest

    You can also hold small performances and exhibitions

    The buying office has become smaller

    But more delicate and stylish

    Part of Ling Maoming South Road

    A commercial corridor was opened

    Arc -shaped top, mosaic ground,

    Thick retro fan.

    One coffee shop,

    The food shop has been opened!

    Before and after watching the movie,

    I just came here to sit here.

    Of course, the screening hall is also upgraded!

    The upgraded Cathay Cinema retains three cinemas. The screening audio system is fully updated. The visual effects and sound effects of the film will be greatly improved. It will also be replaced with more comfortable seats.Focus on a "immersive movie viewing experience".

    Of course, theaters will continue to maintain the tradition of public welfare fields, and the fixed broadcast of disabled people will be restored.

    Of course, the original decorative art style details of the old building are also retained. The guests can get up to meet with the old time.


    Cathay Cinema Planning Manager

    We want to create a new urban new social space that integrates movies, culture, art, and coffee food, and integrate more into the elements of cultural tourism.Activate Shanghai audiences' memories of the old theaters and continue to write new stories of old theaters.

    Since its establishment

    Cathay Cinema has accompanied Shanghai people

    After 93 years

    On the first day of opening, Cathay Pacific was the American film "The Gate of Spirit Pork".In the long years, "The Dream of Midsummer Night", "The Revenge of the Prince", "Cuidi Chunxiao", "Millions of £ £", "The Man of the Bicycle", "Roman Holiday" ... and other classic foreign moviesIt was the first time to meet Shanghai people.

    Cathay Pacific is also one of the most favorite theaters of celebrities

    For example, Qin Yi is eight or nine years old

    Knowing Cathay Cinema

    I have watched "An Unforgettable" here

    Classic films such as "Cuidi Chunxiao"

    She is also the first movie star hanging by Cathay Cinema. There are also stars such as Zhao Dan and Shangguan Yunzhu.Qin Yi once said in an interview that she was very proud to see her posters worshiping the wind when she was a child when she was a child.

    It is a witness of the passage of time

    It is also a participant in urban changes

    Today's Cathay Cinema

    Still standing quietly on the corner of the bustling city

    At night, watching Cattered Catron's neon shone again

    People say:Finally wait for you!

    Speaking of "Flower"

    Cathay Cinema

    There are also many places that Bao always loves to go

    When you go to Cathay

    Take one"Abao City Walk"Bar!


    Do you have any stories with Cathay Cinema?

    Will you go to the new Cathay Cinema?

    Leave us a message!

    Reporter | Liu Huiming, Lu Yao

    Camera | Che Bingjian

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