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[转帖] Farna Iridi series custom bathroom cabinet | Light luxury early autumn moonlight

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    Light luxury is a lifestyle pursuing high -quality, high -taste lifestyle.It is not blindly pursuing luxury and expensive material enjoyment, but pays more attention to the expression of personality and the attention of details.The core of light luxury is respect and kindness of yourself, and love and enjoyment of life.

    Color is an important element of light luxury.Color not only affects human emotions, but also reflects human personality and taste.Farnsha, since its establishment in 1999, is committed to becoming the world's leading high -end art bathroom brand. It provides the most designed art bathroom products and space aesthetic experience for the elite people who pursue life taste.Iridi Iridi series custom bathroom cabinets, as one of the representative products of FAENZA Farnsa's high -end conservation, have built a sanitary ware in light luxury aesthetics with its elegant and agile design style, and low -key and elegant color matching.space.

    The mousse coffee paint color has elegant and mysterious beauty.In the work of the IRIDI Iridi series custom bathroom cabinet, the designer of Farnesha has emerged inspired to show the charm of light luxury in early autumn and moonlight.

    The Iridi Iridi series custom bathroom cabinet not only integrates with light luxury in color, but also has commonity in other aspects in other aspects.The Iridi series custom bathroom cabinet broke the traditional right -angle design and added the softness and beauty of the bathroom space with a circular bathroom mirror.Its cabinet door also uses a handless design, which is more delicate and clean.Its custom cabinet door is equipped with a soft closing system, which can avoid the impact and noise of the cabinet door, showing the designer's intimate care in the details.

    在材质方面,Iridi伊瑞迪系列定制浴室柜充分考虑了卫浴空间的breaking news website特殊环境和用户的使用体验,best replica sneakers采用了高密度板(HDF)作为基材,breaking news website具有防水、防潮、LJR Kicks防霉、防腐、耐磨The advantages of scratch resistance ensure the durability and stability of the product.After fine polishing and painting, it presents natural texture and luster, giving a warm and comfortable feeling.The combination of various storage and display in the cabinet meets different needs and preferences, and brings you a convenient and practical light luxury experience.

    Iridi Iridi series custom bathroom cabinet is a product that can improve the quality and taste of the bathroom space.It can coordinate with other elements in the bathroom and create a light luxury atmosphere.Its counter adopts quartz stone table as materials, which has the advantages of easy cleaning, antibacterial, and environmental protection, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the product.Its functions and use methods are also very humane and intelligent. There are multiple storage space inside the cabinet, which can easily store various bathroom supplies; mirror cabinets with comfortable atmosphere lights allow you to do it when makeup and skin care.The charm of the skin.

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