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[转帖] Jiading Yingcui Mansion Sales Office officially released@钱 钱@@

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    Big S showed his 爆炸新闻determination to return, as a wife and mother, she returned gorgeous to the entertainment industry!

    Big S, a highly anticipated star, recently appeared in a low -key appearance, showing the determination to come back.She was unwilling to fight against Wang Xiaofei's high -profile proven.Behind the seemingly elegant smile, she hides her self -confidence and persistent pursuit of her beauty.Big S, who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, has become a goddess in the hearts of many people with her unique weed heart and tough personality.The vitality and determination she showed this time will bring people more amazing.

    The beauty of the big S and youth forever have caused the love of many fans.Her smile is called healing department. She has always been the goddess in our minds, and the best Shancai in our hearts, none of them.

    According to the informed person, Big S has signed a new brokerage company and actively prepared to come back.This appearance can be regarded as her test of water in her performing arts.Previously, in the face of the TV series involved in her sister Xiao S, she might have some envy in her heart.However, under the motivation of Little S, Big S re -ignited the enthusiasm for the performance.She is an example in Xiao S's mind, and the words between the two sisters are full of true and false words.Big S is eager to realize his own value by returning to his own talent and charm.

    Returning is a new chapter of Big S. She will show her strong personality and weeds that pursue beauty and love.Her face value and charm can attract people's attention no matter how old.Because she is the woman like a weed, she is full of vitality and cannot be defeated.

    The story of Big S tells us that no matter how years of time, we should not set up a limit for ourselves.She chose to shine in the entertainment industry again, and each appearance proved her persistence and confidence in herself.Her experience and her efforts made her an existence that cannot be ignored.Everyone should pursue their dreams and not to be bound by others' comments or age.Believe in yourself and face challenges bravely, just like Big S, becoming the person who cannot be knocked down!

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    Reference information

    -The big S is a low -key appearance at the Gucci event, which is regrettable for the return of the door after the divorce of the giant!

    -Da S deny the rumor of return, what is the truth?

    -Da S exposure to the reason, she wants to show more talents and charm to the audience!

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