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    In many collection varieties,hot topic website the RMB collection stands out. He is used as one of the categories of better growth. His investment value has always been at the forefront of the market.Judging from the development of the coin market in recent years, some of the treasures and currency kings come from banknotes. Although other currencies have also performed well, they are not like banknotes.He has his own unique advantages.

    First, the mass advantages of banknotes are the best.The RMB is a Volkswagen collection brand. The market is the earliest from banknotes. Conjusational banknote, commemorative banknotes, junior, senior, and five are all the transformers of banknotes. Therefore, banknotes always occupy the coinThe mainstream market.Therefore, banknotes are easy to enter, and it is also convenient for small funds to operate flexibly. The banknotes will inevitably drive other coins market, but other coins may not drive the banknote market.

    Second, banknotes are non -renewable resources.Bone currency collection is generally a variety that the country is no longer issued. Although there is a distinction between the existence of the world, the overall extension will be precipitated to the society over time, resulting in the gradualReduce and appreciate, thisThe characteristics are different from stock expansion and new shares. It is also different from the increase in stamps, commemorative coins, and gold and silver coins year by year. That is to say, banknotes are generally not macro -regulated by state authorities, and there is no concern for extension and abuse.For a long timeLook, the more precious for banknotes.

    Third, the artistic expression of banknotes is the strongest.In terms of collectibles, they all have a certain artistry, and artistic is also a natural attribute that reflects the value of the collection. The richer the value of the artistic connotation of the same collection is the morehigh.But now, since the banknotes are carved by the art master, there are the highest printed printed factories printed by the national printing level, and the most precious paper is selected, and the anti -counterfeiting technology and the word code crown are added.And the distribution unit, it can be said that the paper currency's paper currency is the strongest.It can more reflect the artistic characteristics of an era than stamps, and its connotation is richer.It is more vivid and realistic than gold and silver coins, commemorative coins and coins.Yu Master's paintings; more popular than calligraphy and painting.More in line with socialist science, ethnic, and popular cultural standards.

    Fourth, collectors have the largest room for choosing.A kind of collectible is not as small as possible. For example, everyone knows that Huanghuali is very precious, but there is very little in the world of Huanghuali. Everyone is rarely seen, let alone identification, collection and holding.With.Especially for the collectors with limited funds, there are not many opportunities to deal with Huanghuali collections at all.The banknotes are expensive and cheap, there are more and less, suitable for all types of collectors to invest in collection, and it is easierMetapacity is also very easy to grow and develop.

    Fifth, banknotes are the most convenient for identification and transportation.Because banknotes come from the currency used by the people, there are many players, and most collectors can identify the authenticity of the banknotes through practice and summary.Others give pointers.Not like porcelain flooding, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, and it is not as strange to him like gold and silver coins. Especially, there are many types of imitations such as Yuan Datou.therefore,Everyone playing banknotes is to play genuine, basically there is no worry about fake goods.At the same time, banknotes are also easier to transport and settle. Generally, banknotes that are bundled and knives, no matter how much your value is, the transportation cost is about 20 yuan, plusThe agency fee is only about 50 yuan.To transport a large wooden bed, it takes 1,000 to 3,000 yuan, and it is easy to damage on the road, and it is difficult to make up for the loss.

    Six, banknotes are relatively easy to save.The space occupied by banknotes is relatively small. As long as the packaging is tight, it will generally not cause damage.And other collections are not, some are relatively bulky, such as furniture requires special housesBetween and warehouses, porcelain requires special collection cabinets or shelves, and woodcarving requires the appropriate temperature and humidity.Other coins, such as commemorative coins, need to prevent oxidation, stamps are messy, and occupy a large area.son.

    Due to the existence of various advantages of banknotes, the collection of banknotes has become the hottest collection of the current popular collection. He represents our scientific, ethnic, and popular cultural development direction. It has a general typical representative significance.The choice will be subject to the development of the cultural industry in the futureHighlighting has become a wonderful work of the development of contemporary Chinese cultural industries.

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    With the popularity of the RMB collection market, many people think that the wrong version of the currency is a very valuable currency, so many people have begun to turn to the wrong version of the currency.Is the wrong version of the currency suitable for collecting investment?

    In the eyes of many people, today's money is a bit"hair"It is, but in the RMB collection market, some"Boss"The value of the renminbi has skyrocketed.Recently, the reporter learned from our city's collection market that many types of value have skyrocketed. For example, the third set of banknotes with the corner of the green water marks of the RMB back from the corner of the green water marks from one year ago310,000 yuan rose to the Spring Festival this year410,000 yuan, but now it has been fired to 67,000 yuan.For a while, the old version of the RMB became the new favorite of the collection market.

    Any high -quality collection comes from understanding and professionalism. Let's briefly introduce the wrong version of the currency.

    The wrong version of the currency refers to the error in the design or the mother version of the carving. The leakage in the printing process is not an wrong version.Currency is caused by quality defects"Defective products"It can only belong to the secondary currency and not the wrong version of the currency.Some people have taken the opportunity to speculate in the society because of a small amount of the residual currency to make speculation to make huge profits.

    The principles followed by the collection are less, new, and strange, that is, rare, strange things have a certain collection significance, and the key to determining the value of such collections.

    However, the wrong version of RMB is another matter. There is never a mistake in the international and domestic auction market, so it is difficult to determine how much the wrong version of the RMB has.When buying a collection of faults, you should consider whether it will cause unnecessary economic losses to themselves.

    There are mainly the following types of wrong edition coins:

    1Pour watermark: refers to the opposite of the watermark on the banknote to the normal location;

    2Tickets for the same number: refers to the same number on the two banknotes of the same type;

    3Delosa ticket: The white paper of the money printing plant is automatically transported and operated in the production process. From white paper to finished products, it needs to pass through multiple processes.

    4Leakage ticket: Refers to the omissions of the number or pattern on the banknotes or patterns.

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