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[转帖] It's the hottest time for another year

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    The following article comes from fashion tourism, the author's fashion tourism

    Fashion travel.

    Together with "Fashion Tourism", travel to a better world!

    If winter

    There is a fairy tale world exclusive to it

    That must belong to

    Harbin Ice and Snow World

    The authorization of this article is reproduced from fashion tourism

    (ID: Trendstravelr)

    Whenever the first snow in the deep winter fell, it became a carnival world.It turns out that fairy tales are not exclusive to children, and it should belong to everyone who is enthusiastically immersed in it.The world of ice sculpture jade, colorful entertainment activities, intertwined into a ice and snow scroll.

    This year's Harbin Ice and Snow World is the 25th. It will officially open the park at 11:00 on December 18, 2023!Not only did the scene repeat the Winter City, the Great Wall, and Iron Throne in "Power and Games".A close contact with the highest and largest ice -building main tower in the park to contact the charm of ice piano to feel the charm of the "city of music" and dance with 10,000 people ...Mowing

    Recently, Harbin has been "occupied" by the southerners. When the Grand Ice and Snow World opened the park, whose DNA moved?

    Harbin becomes "Linhuang City"

    "Building a city wall must be shocked, and then a iron throne will be hot all over the river."This is a message from a netizen some time ago. I thought it was just a joke. I didn't expect Harbin's ice and snow world to make a big deal, and directly released two words: "Arrange!"

    Harbin Macianwell Cultural Tourism Investment Group said that the planning and design of the 25th World of Ice and Snow World has not involved the copyright, and the classic scene and the ice and snow world park in the TV series "Game of Thrones"The plan is integrated.

    If you can harvest the buildings in "Game of Thrones" in "Game of Thrones", which can be harvested in a one -time harvest of the dome, coupon doors, Roman columns, Gothic roses, etc.select.

    You can listen to the bells in the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, and turn around and you can meet a period of adventure under the neon light of the Central Street.

    Harbin's architectural style is unique, and the coexistence of Chinese and Western buildings is full of a sense of history.During the Ice and Snow Festival, these buildings not only provide an excellent background for ice and snow carving, but also provide tourists with a visual feast full of exotic style.

    The ice and snow culture here originated from ancient fishing and hunting culture.During the Ice and Snow Festival, Harbin will hold a series of ice and snow activities, such as ice sculpture competitions, snow carving competitions, ice and snow playgrounds, etc., allowing tourists to experience the charm of ice and snow in all aspects and angles.Every year, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival cuts the ice from Songhua River as a whole to prepare the theme ice sculpture.

    The icing person takes a round of 24 hours, and the ice is more than 10,000 tons per day. After more than half a month, the ice cubes will become the creative raw material for ice sculpture artisans.

    After the icing, if you want to copy a "Great Wall", no one should oppose it.Feel the solemnity and mystery of "Linhuang City" in the snow and ice, experience the shock of the "special throne" in the snow, and feel the most enthusiastic stories through the coldest places. This is probably the exclusive experience that only Harbin can bringEssence

    The appointment of ice and snow for a while

    Since the ice and snow with human activities, there are ice and snow culture.In the snow -capped winter, skiing has been at least 10,000 years old as a human transportation method in the cold area.

    In the face of cold winter, the ancients used ice to make lighting tools, stored winter food with ice, and even created ice dance to meet cultural appreciation needs.According to "Song History · Li Zhi", "ice -stroke" is an ancient ice and snow leisure activity that has a historical research.By the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, Ice and Snow Sports had been prevalent.

    冰雪是大自然的礼物,然而东北独特的Latest information website日常生活和奔放自由的精神世界将冰雕艺术进行了千变万化的PK God延伸,在冰雕艺术家的Latest information website手里,把冰赋予无限的创造力,Reps shoes向人文、风俗、历史、Fashion and other elements are infinitely extended.

    The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is famous for its amazing ice and snow sculpture.The giant ice and snow sculpture and display area are constantly innovating. Every year, there are different themes of life, which has attracted many unique designers and artists.

    2020 Harbin Ice and Snow World overlooks the picture

    Harbin's ice sculpture art is not just the self -entertainment of Chinese people. As the fame of the Ice and Snow Festival is getting bigger, the international art and cultural exchanges with ice sculpture as a bridge are endless.

    International competitions such as Harbin International Group Ice Competition and Harbin International Ice Carving Competition have attracted the active participation of ice sculpture artists around the world.The works of these international artists not only add a beautiful landscape to the snow and snow, but also laid the international status of the Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Festival.

    While the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is conveying the ice and snow culture, cooperating with well -known IP is also a great magic weapon for the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.The theme of the "Ice and Snow King" has created heroes such as son -in -law and Wang Zhaojun, restored the King Canyon, and combined ice sculpture art with IP cultural and creative, and achieved the value of 1+1 greater than 2.

    Snow carving with the theme of Winter Olympics

    Today, the ice and snow festival has become a ice and snow contract between Harbin and tourists, and they are looking forward to what a surprise can be blooming in the ice and snow.

    Started from ice and snow but more than just snow and snow

    China Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival was founded on January 5, 1985. It is not only an important festival for Harbin people, but also the first international festival with the theme of ice and snow activities in my country. The Oslo Ski Festival in Norway is also called the world's four major ice and snow festivals.

    Big Ice and Snow World, Stalin Park, Sun Island, Zhaolin Park ... These memories of the memories of the Harbin people who accompany the generations will become the most enthusiastic places in winter.Although it was only one month, who would reject the snow in the snow.

    Therefore, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival starts from the opening ceremony, including the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival, and the Lantern Festival's entire winter festivals, and there is no closing ceremony. It can be said that it is a winter carnival that will not end.

    The Grand Ice and Snow World has become a business card in Harbin.It is said that this year's Harbin must go, because the size of the ice and snow world this year has created the "most in history."

    This year, the overall planning area of the ice and snow world is 81.66 hectares, the east -west axis is 780 meters, and the north -south axis is 940 meters.world.

    The main tower on the main axis of the park "The Crown of Ice and Snow" is 43 meters high, which is equivalent to 16 floors high. The amount of ice is 13,000 cubic meters. It is the highest and largest ice -plastic landscape in the park.

    Harbin is a city with a multicultural intersection and has a wealth of Northeast local culture.The Ice and Snow Festival also adds some characteristic Northeast cultural elements in the event planning, such as flavor cuisine, folk performances, etc., so that tourists can not only appreciate the art of ice and snow, but also experience the unique cultural charm of the local area.

    When you come to Harbin, you can not only roll wildly in the ice and snow, eat a hot northeast iron pot stew, but also you can be a "ice and snow princess" in the day in front of the Sofia Cathedral, go shopping and stroll around the Northeast morning market.Feel the enthusiasm and humor of the Northeast ...

    Just as the epidemic on the Internet this year: "It is not that Northern Europe can't afford it, but Harbin is more cost -effective."

    Not Nordic is not fun

    It is Harbin more cost -effective

    Let us meet together

    Harbin Ice and Snow World

    Original title: "It's the hottest time for another year"

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