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[转帖] DBS Bank aid "Zhanai Parenting Baby Service Little Home" in the Gansu earthquake -stricken area

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      On December 21,Current affairs information website 2023, the Shanghai -Gansu earthquake affected people.Star Show (China) Co., Ltd. and the Entai Public Welfare Foundation will start the "Special Plan for Zhanai Pay" again. For the Gansu earthquake disaster, the 0-12-year-old infant group is established, and the "Zhanai Parent Baby Service Little Home" is established.And donated emergency assistance supplies, it is expected to aid 1,500 disaster -stricken areas in the current most urgent stage.

      "Zhanai Passing Family Infant Service" provides targeted assistance for three ages.Facing babies at the age of 0-3, mainly providing maternal and infant breast lactation, bottle disinfection appliances, clean disinfection facilities, early education equipment and other supplies to provide safe and warm harbor for fragile babies and mothers;Children, provide children's food, picture book reading, and safety education products, and supplemented by proper psychological intervention, carry out children's creative activities, make children happy, and get out of the psychological haze of disaster as soon as possible;Materials such as activity facilities, puzzle toys, safety education products, "children's security guarantee packages after disaster", small desks and other materials, enabling children to actively get out of the shadow of disaster, take on their parents' assistants, and become participants in disaster prevention and prevention of family and communities.

      The "Lei Tong Space" is the main public welfare project launched by the Eun Public Welfare Foundation based on the goal of "serving children in the disaster" and combined with the frontline work team to understand the actual situation."Zhanai Passfathers Infant Service" is the first donor and resident partner of "Le Tong Space". It will follow the rescue and post -disaster reconstruction in the Gansu earthquake -stricken area.Their fear of the special environment continues to live strong and regain happiness as soon as possible.

      DBS Bank launched the "Special Plan for Zhanai Pay" in 2020 for emergency rescue public health disasters involving groups involved in groups, and so far benefited more than 100,000.

      I sincerely pray for compatriots in the disaster area and hope to rebuild the disaster area as soon as possible.

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