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[转帖] The original Durant's jump is not solved. This is his super weapon that he has become a superstar

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    Original title: Durant's jump has no solution,一线资讯 this is his super weapon that he becomes a superstar

    On December 21, Beijing time, jumping is a vital technology in the basketball sport.It is an efficient and accurate way of pointing, and it is also a stunt that many super superstars rely on.However, among the many jumper masters, Durant's jumper is particularly different.His jumper not only has a very high hit rate, but also has no solution to letting him a superstar on the basketball court.

    The reason why Durant's jumper did not solve was first because of his skilled technology and high accuracy.He has excellent starting speed and shooting speed, and can complete the jumper in a short time.At the same time, his shooting posture and strong wrist strength made his jumper a very high hit rate.Whether it is a three -point line or in the restricted area, Durant's jump can easily score.

    Secondly, Durant's jumper is also extremely lethal.He was able to create a shooting space by jumping, and use the advantages of height and wingspan to easily send the ball into the basket.His jumper not only has high scoring efficiency, but also creates more offensive opportunities for the team.In the game, Durant's jumper often can break the opponent's defense system and bring the dawn of victory to the team.

    In addition to technical advantages, Durant also has high basketball IQ and psychological quality.He can quickly judge the situation in the game and choose the most suitable offensive way.In the face of defense, he was able to keep calm and calmly, which made his jumper even more unsolvable.At the same time, he also has a strong desire to win, which allows him to play a higher level in the game.

    In summary, Durant's jumper is his super weapon to become a superstar.His technical skill, high accuracy, strong lethality, high basketball IQ, and stable psychological quality make his jumper a mystery on the basketball court.In the future, we look forward to Durant's continue to play his jumper advantage and bring more excitement and honor to the basketball sport.

    So, do you think that Durant's jumper is not solved?

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