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[转帖] National Climate Center: In the late period of this winter, we can welcome the temperature "roller coaster" to scan the code to read the mobile version

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    Recently,独家资讯 the severe cooling and snowfall have made everyone feel the power of strong cold air.It has entered late December, will it be so cold this winter?

    The reporter learned from the National Climate Center yesterday that it is expected that in the later winter (January to February 2024), East Asian winter wind intensity is generally weak. Except for the temperature in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, northern Heilongjiang, most of Tibet, southern Qinghai, the temperature is compared with the same period of the same year. In addition, most of my country's temperatures are close to perennial year, but the cold and warm ups and downs are obvious, or the temperature is "roller coaster" again.

    The weather in December this year can be described as fierce contrasts before and after. The country has experienced the "roller coaster" type temperature of the "roller coaster" in the early stage and the rapid cooling of the later period.

    According to the National Climate Center, in general, from January to February next year, there are more precipitation in the central and eastern my country, and precipitation from the rest of the country is close to the same period of the same year.Cold air activities are relatively active, and the process of staged cooling and snowfall may occur again in the northern region. Staged low -temperature rain and snow frozen may occur in the south of the river and southwestern region.

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