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[转帖] New French subsidy regulations exclude China Electric Vehicles in response to the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Business: constitute discrimination

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    At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Commerce held on December 21.Some media asked questions that France recently announced a list of models that meet electric vehicle subsidies. Some of these Chinese -made electric vehicle models have been excluded. How can the Ministry of Commerce evaluate this?火速资讯




    In response, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce Shu Jioting said: "At the end of September this year, the French government launched a new regulation of electric vehicle subsidies, and recently announced the list of models that meet the subsidy standards. China strictly concerned about this and believes that related measures are outside the European Union.The production of electric vehicles constitutes discrimination and harms the interests of all parties including French consumers. "


    Shu Jianting pointed out that it is hoped that the French party will abide by the rules of the WTO and start the overall situation of the healthy and stable development of the global supply chain and the healthy and stable development of the green low -carbon industry, and provide a fair, non -discriminatory, and expected market for enterprises including Chinese enterprises, including Chinese enterprises,environment.




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