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[转帖] Xixi | Men's Basketball Team of the Ninth Middle School won the first Youth Basketball Championship in Liaoyang City

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    Original title: Hi Bao | Men's Ninth Middle School men's basketball team won the first youth basketball champion of Liaoyang City

    Just ended,惊爆资讯 the Men's Basketball Team of the Ninth Middle School in Liaoyang's first Youth Basketball Competition won the championship.

    More than 200 players from 22 teams from various primary and secondary schools and vocational colleges in Liaoyang City participated in this competition.Under the guidance of Lin Hongbin, the men's basketball team of the 9th Middle School, under the guidance of leader Lin Hongbin, coaches Yang Huailong and Meng Dekang, they courageous. In the game, alwaysMaintaining full of hard work and fighting spirit, and finally won the junior high school men's championship.

    The Municipal Ninth Middle School will take this competition as an opportunity to let more students move in daily physical education activities, guide young people to develop good sports habits, promote the healthy growth of young people, promote the healthy development of campus basketball, consolidate reserve talentsThe foundation is to contribute to the implementation of the "three major goals" of the Liaoning Province and contribute.

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