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[转帖] The principal who "does not understand sports" "play" sports course

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    Ruan Yan participated in campus sports activities with students

    In Ruan Yan's drawer,Current affairs information website there is a letter from a senior high school.Parents have heard of this new principal who loves sports, so they hope that the school will open more sports clubs, and Nobeli lists various projects, including Tai Chi, curling, and so on.When he came to Zhangyan Middle School in Shanghai as the principal, it has been a hundred days. Ruan Yan attaches great importance to the advice of his parents. Indeed, the school's physical education courses are listed in the first place.The principal who claims to be "not understanding sports" actually understands the educational significance of sports.

    In the 4th Cai Chongxin's plan, Ruan Yan was the only high school principal of the ten selected in the country.

    All sports teachers and students shared

    In the past six and a half years, Ruan Yan has served as the principal at Jinshan Tinglin Middle School affiliated to Shanghai Sports University.The participation experience of sports innovation courses and sports communities has changed the spiritual appearance of many students."I have been made by the school of the school." She said with a smile.Under her leadership, the information technology teacher took the ping -pong society and the mathematics teacher taught the square dance. The physical education classes could not be occupied and changed to become unwritten regulations in the school.

    I still remember that when I first arrived in the pavilion, although the existing sports class performed well in the city's competition, in the view of President Ruan, the school facilities were aging, and the characteristics of "sports people" were not obvious, and sports did not benefit every student.Sports is not just competitive, but also culture and education. She believes that schools should be sports parks, sports parks, and health schools.

    Today's pavilion has a strong sports atmosphere: the three major ball -themed sculptures, sports element learning space, etc. created the atmosphere of sports people; the sports and leisure park integrates the environment with learning to form a unique characteristic curriculum carrier; the body room, physical fitness and physical fitnessThe test room, fitness room, and sports innovation laboratory are all available; the "body with the ball" sports equipment is also set up on the campus ... This mode allows the campus to have activities every day, there are competitions on the week, everyone has a game, and everyone has people.Passion, all of them are vitality.

    Sports to the body of the body

    The Shanghai Institute of Physical Education (now named "Shanghai Sports University") was opened for the first time in the direction of e -sports commentary. A child who loves sports broadcasting in the pavilion was admitted.This has given Ruan Yan a lot of inspiration, and teaching reform and curriculum innovation should also be used in sports.

    In 2021, it was officially listed with Shanghai Sports University to inject new energy into the development of sports courses in the pavilion.The universities with Shangda University first covered the first high school students in pavilion.Every Wednesday afternoon, the school sent a car to the Teacher Teacher Teacher to the school to go to college to study in college.President Ruan often said: "I don't understand sports, but I understand courses and teaching. Through the development of sports, cultivate children's collective honor, enhance students' spirit, and finally enhance school quality."

    A girl had a psychological blow at the junior high school stage. After entering the pavilion, the teacher arranged for her to enter the "bodybuilding class" as the squad leader.With the encouragement of teachers and classmates, she continued to break through and became cheerful and confident.During a city -level display activity, President Ruan asked the girl to be willing to share her own experience. She agreed and a confident speech made Ruan Yan see her transformation.There is also a small story that makes Ruan Yan move in a city -level dragon boat competition.The boat in the pavilion was knocked out by other teams, the children were falling, and some people were injured.The first time, the coach asked Ruan Yan whether to stop the game.But the children strongly demanded and returned to the ship to insist on the end.In the end, the pavilion still won the first prize, the results of "sports", which can be seen.

    Return to alma mater and catch sports

    In September this year, Ruan Yan returned to Zhangyan Middle School, alma mater.The first stop of the school was a sports teaching and research group. Parents heard that Ruan Yan paid attention to sports and wrote a suggestion letter for her.At the same time, Ruan Yan also carried out sports surveys in the school, collecting students' opinions and suggestions ... Just like in the pavilion, President Ruan focused on sports.Starting the transformation of the sports space and increasing the teacher -student friendship match, Ruan Yan said with a smile: "My atmosphere team leader, now came to Zhangyan."

    Does it affect learning?Ruan Yan, who had taught English, bluntly said: "24 hours are memorizing words, can you memorize it? My philosophy is: Reading by efficiency, not time." From the perspective of teachers and students, everyone is very happy and improved.The feelings of teachers and students, students have motivation in class; from a scientific perspective, exercise can help the brain to produce dopamine and exercise students' various abilities.

    No, the faculty and sports community has already become booming.The teachers are already calculating which community they are going to sign up.She also often told the teachers that her husband also graduated from Zhangyan Middle School and was once the Minister of Sports."I don't have a good sports performance, but I worship sports well." Once in the pavilion, "Beginning, reaching the heart, and becoming aspiration" in the pavilion, Ruan Yan also had to open at Zhangyan Middle School.

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