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[转帖] Exchange rate query Australian dollar against RMB

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    One Macau is 重大事件equal to 0.8033 yuan.One yuan is about 2449 yuan.However, if you want to exchange RMB, the transaction price of the transaction bank is standard.

    Macau yuan is equal to 100 points.The currency circulating in Macau was issued in 1999. The types of bank currency face value were 1,000 yuan, 500 yuan, 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan, and 10 yuan., 2 millimeters, 1 cm.

    The annual version of the 20 Macau currency can be exchanged for banks in the mainland. The latest exchange rate: 20 Macau = 16495 RMB postal card market is also sold, with a new product of about 18 yuan.

    RMB (RMB) is the legal currency of the People's Republic of China. The People's Bank of China is the competent authority of the state managing the RMB. It is responsible for the design, printing and distribution of the RMB.Reminder: The above information is for reference only.Answer time: 2021-08-09, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.

    my country ’s exchange rate mainly adopts two types of bidding methods: Direct price method: that is, using foreign currency to represent the local currency, that is, the foreign currency of one unit can be equivalent to how many units of the local currency.Example: 1 USD = 30RMB indirect price method: It uses the local currency to indicate foreign currency, that is, the local currency of the local currency of one unit can be equivalent to how many units of the foreign currency.

    For example, the US currency unit is the US dollar, and the exchange rate with the RMB is 191.The EU's currency unit is the euro, and the exchange rate of the RMB is 9947.Japan's currency unit is the yen, with the exchange rate of RMB 0.04833.Let's talk about several countries.

    The global currency increase is used to reduce the growth rate of the nominal GDP to estimate the depreciation of the major currency. The depreciation of the US dollar, euro, RMB, yen, and pounds is 40%, 20%, 28%, 28%, and -5%, respectively.

    Under this system, countries have formulated the purity of their own gold coins, because the difference between gold is the purity of the gold body itself.Therefore, in various countries, the foreign exchange rate is generated in the case of the purity of their own gold.

    U.S. currency: US dollar United States Dollar; Symbol: Unit: Yuanhui Rate: As of April 29, 2020, 100 yuan is about $ 1286.

    Due to real-time fluctuations in the exchange rate, you can refer to China Merchants Bank's foreign exchange "real-time exchange rate". Please enter the China Merchants Bank's Netcom homepage and click "Real-time Quotes-Foreign Exchange Real-time Exchange Rate" in the middle of the page.For specific exchange rates, please refer to the exchange rate during actual operation.If you need to query the historical exchange rate, click to view history after the corresponding exchange rate.

    Open Baidu search "Today's exchange rate", click the first one of the search page, select the currency, input amount, and you can query the exchange rate; or click "more exchange rate information" ""Pages, you can view the exchange rates of all currencies and banks.

    Open the mobile banking app and log in to the account.Enter the foreign exchange exchange page, and choose the type of foreign exchange as "AUD" (AUD).Enter the number of Australian dollars that wants to be exchanged, and the system will automatically calculate the corresponding RMB amount.Confirm whether the exchange rate and exchange amount is correct.

    The countries of the RMB exchange agreement include: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, South Korea, the UAE, Turkey, etc.

    Domestic banks will only change a few international currencies, the most popular in the dollar.In addition, there should be English pounds, euro, Singapore dollars, Australian dollars, yen, etc.If your destination is not the above country, you have to change the dollar first, and then change it again after the destination.

    Of course, you can also use other people's quota for exchange.Through online banking, you can also redeem foreign exchange without leaving home. China Merchants Bank and China Bank have related businesses, but the premise is that online banking needs to be opened.Foreign exchange can also be in the survival or death of the bank, but the specific interest needs to consult a deposit bank.

    Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, overseas Chinese, and foreigners need to be freely exchanged for renminbi in the hands of can be exchanged for RMB. You can use your valid identity documents to go to the Bank of the Bank of China to apply for exchange.For outbound travel, a private passport and a valid visa (those who hold a group visa, a group visa copy confirmed by the travel agency).

    1. RMB can be bonded with 1202 yuan.The calculation formula is as follows: RMB 100 = RMB amount x exchange rate = 100x2602 = 1202 Macau dollars.Today's exchange rate: 1 RMB = 2602 Macau; 1 Macau dollars ≈ 0.7967 RMB Note: This answer is edited on November 30, 2021.

    2. Australian dollars are equal to 99,79 yuan, so 1 RMB is equal to Australian dollars of 0.2027.In fact, both the Australian currency's exchange rate and the domestic exchange rate are constantly changing. This is affected by all aspects of international and overlook.

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