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[转帖] The World Green Organization continued to promote the green low -carbon transformation of enterprises and hosted the International Conference of the 2023 Environment, Social and Enterprise Governance

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    Hong Kong -Media Outreach Newsware -December 21,Current affairs hot websites 2023 -Global Climate Crisis has deteriorated, and extreme weather is becoming more frequent. In recent years, countries have been attacked by different degrees of destructive natural disasters; although Hong Kong is small, it cannot be alone.The heavy rain that encountered in September this year had sounded the alarm for us.We must cooperate with the international community together to seize new opportunities and deal with climate change.The World Green Organization (WGO) held the fourth "2023 Environment, Social and Enterprise Governance Climate Action International Conference" (ESG For Climate Actions International Conference 2023).In -depth topics of green finance, low -carbon technology, climatic policies and carbon markets, and challenges, such as sustainable development issues, have mastered the latest global situation from a macro perspective.The meeting was successfully held in the digital port for two days from October 30th to 31st.With the support of dozens of political leaders, business leaders, university scholars and environmental experts, it has achieved unprecedented success and has become a milestone in the world to respond to climate change.

    In order to effectively implement the sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations in 2015 and accelerate the transformation of comprehensive green and low -carbon transformation of global enterprises around the world, the world green organization inherits first, and continues to uphold the previous success.The Hong Kong Exchange, the Hong Kong Financial Development Bureau and the International Financial Report Guideline Foundation have strong support, as partners of the conference.We are also honored to invite Dr. Sangmin Nam, Minister of the Environment and Development of the United Nations Asia and the Pacific Economic and Social Commission, Mr. Chen Haozhang, deputy director of the Financial Affairs and Treasury Bureau, Mr. Lei Tianliang, Chairman of the Securities and Futures Supervision Committee, the carbon market of the Hong Kong ExchangeMr. Zhao Jianneng, head of the ESG Product Development Department, Mr. Feng Huajian, vice chairman of the Financial Development Bureau, Mr. Ren Jingxin, CEO of Digital Port, and the consuls of the consuls of the Consulate General of Spain, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos in Hong Kong as the main courtesy.Mr. Wang Zhenfu, the chairman of the World Green Organization and the co -chair of the ASEAN Economic Association, presided over the opening ceremony.

    This international conference has multiple seminars and lectures. The content focuses on the development trend of the global carbon market, sustainable development and ESG investment strategy, and the application of low -carbon technology.We are fortunate to invite financial experts, economists and Ministry of Finance officials from all over the world including Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and Europe to visit the guests in Hong Kong to share unique insights, provide a rare opportunities for mutual communication for participants, unite and powerful forces to resist climate changeThis huge challenge.In addition, I also sincerely thank a number of well -known local companies for their active participation, so that the conference has been successfully ended, including Jingyuan International Group Co., Ltd., Ke Jin International (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Yongming Financial Co., Ltd., Asia to respond to climate change enterprise alliance,China Banking Group Life Insurance Co., Ltd., CS Tech Solution Limited, Zero Infinite, Global Mainman Group, Dagan District Sustainable Development Research Institute, Kuwa Co., Ltd., Huihe Development Co., Ltd., Hong Kong China Gas Co., Ltd., Global Administration AdministrationBusiness Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Lixin Dehao Accountants, Electric Energy Industry Co., Ltd., Guangdong Junpin Law Firm, International Sustainable Development Association, Xinghuo Energy Management Co., Ltd., Riskory Consultancy Limited, etc.

    Promoting the green economy has become the world's primary issue.This year's heat wave swept the world, and many countries have been shrouded in extremely high temperature.The guests of speakers are not in the same way on the stage that it is imperative to accelerate the promotion of the international carbon trading market.The carbon market is an emerging business in recent years. It has brought green development opportunities to enterprises. It plays a key role in global low -carbon transformation. The potential is very large.To promote a full range of climate actions, we need to go faster and farther. We must seize the timing of carbon neutralization and targets, deploy and actively develop the carbon market as soon as possible, innovate more carbon finance and products related to climate changeEssenceGlobal enterprises must accelerate the formulation and implementation of carbon management strategies, and then cooperate with ESG, which has already become a major development trend. It is committed to promoting the green transformation of net zero carbon row in 2050, building a future of sustainable development, and finally achieving the grand vision of the United Nations.

    Financial Affairs and Treasury Bureau have always strongly supported this international conference. Deputy Director Chen Haozhen emphasized in his speech that ESG has become a new force in the global green economy.Unique advantages, of course, should be more responsible, and should actively promote green finance. Given that the authorities have launched the success of the financial technology concept verification and test funding plan, the government will launch a related funding plan for green fintech next year to continue to actively build Hong Kong to build Hong Kong.Chengcheng Green Financial Technology Hub. The latest "Policy Report" also pointed out that Hong Kong will seize the huge opportunities brought by the development of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.Green Financial cooperation is feasible. "He reiterated that as a responsible government, the SAR government will definitely produce a single force in response to climate change, travel forward with the world, actively promote deep carbon reduction work, stabilize Hong Kong to move towards Hong Kong to move towards moving towards Hong Kong.Carbon neutrality has contributed to the country's double carbon target.

    Lei Tianliang, chairman of the Securities and Futures Commission (CSRC) chairman, also pointed out at the meeting that the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange have absolutely spared no effort in promoting the development of green finance and ESG in Hong Kong."ISSB of the International Sustainable Standards Council issued IFRS S1 and IFRS S2 in the middle of this year's international financial reports, requiring global companies to disclose important information about the risks and opportunities related to the climate and sustainable development in the financial statements. Hong Kong transactions.The new arrangements have been completed in July this year, and planned to require listed companies in Hong Kong to adopt ISSB new standards in a gradual manner. "He believes that this arrangement can provide more comprehensive, complete and consistent information for the Hong Kong financial market, which is exactly available.Helps improve the level of governance of enterprises, also increases the reliability of ESG related information, gives local and overseas investors and the public more confidence, and can better consolidate the status of Hong Kong's green financial center.He reiterated that the CSRC has already implemented a series of carbon reduction measures to strengthen cooperation with all parties, promote the green transformation of the Hong Kong economy, and achieve sustainable development.

    The United Nations Economic and Social Affairs Commission of the United Nations has been very supportive for many years. It is the international conference. The Minister of Environment and Development Dr. Sangmin Nam participated for the first time this year. He said that "the climate change in the post -epidemic era is more worthy of international attention. Global warming has intensified.To solve high carbon emissions, it is still difficult. Especially for developing countries in the Asia -Pacific region, facing a strict environmental challenge, unfortunately lack of ability and funds to deal with climate change.It really depends on unity of various countries. Developed countries can provide support, and jointly take relevant measures to actively reduce carbon reduction and implement sustainable development. "

    Dr. Yu Yuanzheng, chief executive of the world's green organization, also emphasized the development of green finance. It was urgent. "Hong Kong has experienced a century of rain this year. Everyone has remembered it. Climate change has threatened the survival of all human beings and the development of all countries. We can't sit still.To achieve zero -carbon emissions in the next 30 years, the cost may be tens of billions of dollars, which is undoubtedly a very heavy financial burden, but it must not slow down. Establishing a global carbon market mechanism is the general trend, which contains unlimited business opportunitiesIt can also promote carbon reduction. Governments of various local governments should establish a sound regulations and regulatory mechanisms as soon as possible, strengthen the stability of carbon prices, and improve the cognition and skills of market holders. I believe that the carbon market is just around the corner. "

    He continued to say that slowing climate change is a global urgent and long -term task, and countries need to work hard.Talents from all over the world these two days gathered at this international conference and jointly discussed the plan against climate change, which is of great significance to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction.We expect that this meeting can bring new thinking to those in different circles, helping everyone to develop more forward -looking green low -carbon solutions, to create a better future for the next generationContinuous low -carbon roads."

    World Green Organization

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