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[转帖] Jinan's "Art" weekly invoicing!2023 countdown, there is a "laugh" New Year with Happy Twist!

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    Wonderful weekly,热点新闻 Jinan's "Art" weekly performance, activities and exhibition previews are coming!

    December 21-December 27

    In this happy week, take a look at Yu Xiaohe, what are you worth looking forward to this time!

    Active goals

    Theater dynamics

    Jinan Happy Twist Theater

    "Drama" is together, there are laughter New Year's Eve

    Series of activities

    Shandong Provincial Grand Theater

    "Two Beijing Fifteen Days"

    Spring Voice of the New Year Symphony Concert

    Spring Voice of the New Year National Concert

    Pearl Spring People's Hall

    "Cannon Ln D"


    Snow Queen: Aisha "

    Wonderful performance

    So Juvenile-Mizuki Nianhua 2023 Tour

    心 开

    Zhang Qiang's tour "unconventional cruise X Qiangxing World"

    Film express

    In the hot show


    To be screened movies

    "City of Philharmonic"

    "Can't stop the annual meeting!"

    Jinan Happy Twist Theater

    Couples date, friends gather, family members are reunion, where is it cold and happy when you go to New Year?Of course, Jinan Happy Twist Theater!IntersectionIntersectionOn the occasion of New Year's Eve, they launched ["Drama" together, with laughing New Year's Eve] planning.In addition to rich activities and performances, there are many major prizes waiting for you to go home!

    How to play?Look down

    Shandong Provincial Grand Theater

    The stage drama "Two Beijing Fifteenth Day" edition 2022

    Ma Boyong's original novel adaptation, gold medal director Zhao Miao, "only this green and green" lighting design Ren Dongsheng Qiangqiang joined forces, 2022 version of the newly upgraded audio and visual enjoyment!

    A sesame official and a prince, a "Jedi survival escape" of 2,200 miles, personal and history, national revenge and family hatred.After three hours of watching the fifteen -day fantasy journey.

    Time: Sunday, January 28, 2024, 19:30

    (Dot: 200 minutes (including 15 minutes in the midfield)

    Location: Shandong Provincial Grand Theater · Opera Hall

    Fare: 100/180/280/380/480/580 yuan

    Early bird discount: December 20th to December 26th

    85 % off discounts for 380 yuan and above

    Preferential package: from December 27th

    380 yuan and above to enjoy a 10 % discount on the same price

    2024 "Spring Voice" New Year Symphony Concert

    The Chinese Symphony Orchestra brought together the New Year Symphony Concert brought in the New Year Symphony Concert on December 30, Zhao Kunyu, chief of the China Symphony Orchestra, and Xue Tingzhe, piano performer Xue Tingzhe.

    It has also been carefully arranged in terms of selection, including the piano concerto "Yellow River", which focuses on the major national strategy of the Yellow River, as well as Chinese classic music works such as "Golden Snake Dance" and "Jasmine".The selection section of "Red Lady Army" and the "Swan Lake" section can be described as a combination of Chinese and Western, the United States and the United States, and the audience can feel the unique charm of the symphony and the profoundness of Chinese culture.

    Time: Saturday, December 30th 19:30

    Location: Shandong Provincial Grand Theater Concert Hall

    Fare: 280/380/580/780/980/1280 yuan

    Purchase of tickets: platforms such as barley APP, Cat Eye, Qilu Art Tickets can be searching for ticket purchase

    2024 "Spring Voice" New Year National Concert

    The head of the Central National Orchestra and chief pipa performer Zhao Cong will perform the classic famous song "Chunjiang Flower Moon Night" in Chinese classical music and her pipa concerto "Fuji Tianchang".At the same time, Tang Feng, deputy head of the orchestra and Hu Qin player, will also bring his classic work "Yunqingfeng Dance".

    In addition, the women's indoor orchestra "Pinning" and the men's interior orchestra "Green Shirts" will also appear in this concert, bringing new people's music performances full of national tide style to Shandong audiences.In terms of selection, there are also many classic tracks such as "Yimeng Mountain Tune" and "Hao Han Song" unique to the characteristics of Shandong, allowing the audience to experience the profoundness of Chinese culture in music and the unique charm of Shandong regional culture.

    Time: Sunday, December 31, 19:30

    Location: Shandong Provincial Grand Theater Concert Hall

    Fare: 280/380/580/780/980/1280 yuan

    Purchase of tickets: platforms such as barley APP, Cat Eye, Qilu Art Tickets can be searching for ticket purchase

    Pearl Spring People's Hall

    "Cannon Ln D"

    World Classic Music Audiovisual Concert

    In the ocean of music, there is a melody. It is known as "Cannon". It is not only a representative work of music, but also a healing recipe for the soul.

    Some people say that this song has a magic that can pass happiness during joy and presented hope when lonely.It is like a warm ripple, through the time and national boundaries, touching everyone's inner strings. This music seems simple and repeated, like gentle and warm ripples, which makes people feel deeply comfortable in the melody of alternation alternately in the weekly and recurring alternation.And comfort.

    Time: Sunday, December 24th 19:30

    Location: Pearl Spring People's Hall

    Fare: 80/180/280/380 yuan

    50 % off festival

    Ticket purchase customer service phone: 138-4465-5050

    Broadway authentic music stage drama

    "FROST QUEEN: Elsa Snow Queen: Aisha"

    On December 24th in the People's Hall, Aisha and Anna will sing "Let It Go ~" with everyone.At the performance scene, the children had the opportunity to wield the "ice and snow wand" that was magical and magical.Arrange the itinerary quickly, follow the footsteps of Aisha and Anna, and walk into the magical ice and snow country together!

    Perhaps 1,000 parent -child families have 1,000 different "Aisha" and "Ice and Snow World".Now the new upgrade of the repertoire will bring a fresh experience. Take the child to the scene of this high -quality immersive performance and experience the new dream world with children ~

    Time: December 24th 10: 30/15: 30

    Location: Pearl Spring People's Hall

    Fare: 80/180/280/380/480

    50 % off festival

    Buy VIP480 yuan area

    After the performance, you can also take a photo with Princess Aisha

    So young people

    Mizuki Nianhua 2023 Tour Concert

    Time: Sunday, December 24th 19:30

    Location: Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium

    Ticketing: Look at the station 180/380/580/780 yuan;

    Internal field 980/1280/1580 yuan

    Purchase of tickets: platforms such as barley APP, Meituan, Public Comment can search for ticket purchase

    "Happy Sweet Mo" weekly performance

    The Music Quest Course Conference

    December 23 program list

    1. Shandong Drum "Being a Heart Long Being Jinan" Hu Na

    2. The cross talk "Sheep on the Tree" Li Zhidong Fu Sirui

    3. Comment "Fate" Sun Aijia

    4. Single -string "Zodiac Talk" Ma Jing Zhang Chunhua

    5. Shandong Kuaishu "Tiger Night Talk" Yin Guopeng Guan Wenjun

    6. Crosstalk "Sale" Zhang Chenglong Zhu Zhongzhen

    7. Shandong Qinshu "Lu Dongbin Play Peony" Song Pan Zhu Huiqiang Cui Fuhai

    Moderator: Wang Lili (the program is subject to actual performance)

    Time: Saturday 19:30

    Location: No. 19 in Grand View Garden Courtyard

    Ticket price: 60 yuan

    Ticket purchase: Meituan, mass comment and other platforms can search for ticket purchase

    "Unconventional cruise X Qiangxing World"

    Queen Disco Zhang Qiang Tour Jinan Station

    Time: January 5, 2024 20:15

    Location: Modernsky Lab Jinan (4F of Hand -made Exhibition Center 4F)

    Fare: full -price ticket 268 yuan; VIP ticket 368 yuan

    Purchase of tickets: platforms such as barley APP, Meituan, Public Comment can search for ticket purchase


    Exposing the shady of overseas criminal industry: population trafficking, organs transactions ... Zhang Jiahui, Ruan Jingtian, and Wang Dadao are black and black!Hongtai Group, which across the black and white two -handed man, was in the case of choice. A mysterious killer Chen An (Zhang Jiahui) suddenly broke into this non -chaotic vortex, which made the Hongtai Group chaos.Ma Wenkang (Wang Yuchi), who was in the police camp and Ma Wenkang (Wang Yu), who was in the gang camp, also stared at him ... All parties were waiting for the opportunity. Who is the manipulator behind the scenes?A fierce melee was touched.

    "City of Philharmonic"

    The story takes place in the contemporary Los Angeles. The lonely actor Mia's aspiration is an actress and drama writer. She is addicted to her old movie stars.She was a barista on the studio of the Warner Brothers and often went up to audition. If she really received the show, even the small character would make her happy.Sebastian is a jazz pianist tied to the silk tie and has a near -clean pursuit of art.He wants to open the club, but his obsessed sound plow abandoned Ule is more suitable for museums, and almost no one will be willing to spend money to listen.In order to survive, he joined a popular jazz band in violation of his heart and fiddled with the music synthesizer in front of the screaming audience.The two people who also pursued their dreams met each other in this city, fell in love in the singing and jumping, comforted each other, and pursued their dreams together.However, while gradually reaching dreams, the hazy game between art and business, dreams and reality makes the emotions of the two facing choices and tests. After a series of setbacks and differences, they encourage each other to not give up their dreams.

    Release date: December 22nd

    "Can't stop the annual meeting!"

    Annual Super Crazy Comedy Dark Horse!Laughing from beginning to end, happy can't stop!The fitter Hu Jianlin (Dapeng) was transferred to the headquarters when the group layoffs, and the personnel manager Ma Jie (Bai Ke), who was wrapped in the "wrong tune" incident, was forced to conceal it around for the rice bowl.From the "factory" to the "big factory", from "blue -collar" to "gold collar", Hu Jianlin has a joke because of the incompatibility with the large factory environment, and it is like a "workplace photo demon mirror" in the workplace.All the way to promotes salary increase system?Can Ma Jie retreat in the "wrong tone" incident?What amazing melon hidden behind this outrageous "wrong tone" ...

    Release date: December 29th

    ** The final interpretation right of the above activity is owned by the organizer of the event


    Jinan Fu Literature Temple

    All open to the public today

    From the heat of the heat to the severe cold, after nearly half a year, the roof repair project of the Dacheng Temple of Jinan Mansion was successfully concluded.Since today (December 21), all the Temples of Jinan Fuwen have been opened to the public.

    In July, the Jinan Cultural Relics Protection and Utilization Center began to implement the roof repair project of the Dacheng Temple of Jinan Mansion.The repair project was fully unveiled, completed the replacement of rotten and damaged wooden pieces, re -carried back, hanging tiles and other work. In December, it successfully completed the repair project and passed the expert acceptance.Through this repair project, the service life of ancient cultural relics is effectively continued.

    The current repair project is over, and tourists are welcome to come and visit!

    Notice of entering the park

    Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00 (stop entering the park at 16:30), closed the park on Monday (except for national legal holidays).

    Certificate of carrying: Visitors when entering the garden, please show your ID card.

    Announcement of Temporary Garden of Lingyan Dharma Scenic Area

    Source: Cultural Tourism Jinan, Shandong Lingyan Dharma Mountain Scenic Area

    Winter travel safety tips

    Please pay attention to safety in winter, increase clothing appropriately, and keep warm.

    Picture source: Jinan Daily

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