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[转帖] The citizens of Nanjing found the "big man" parrot, which turned out to be protected by animal broadcast articles

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    This Exclusive information websitearticle is transferred from: People's Daily client

    Recently, the Banqiao Police Station of the Yuhuatai Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau received a report from Ms. Xu, saying that a "big man" gray parrot was found on the roadside, hoping that the police would help properly handle it.

    After receiving the alarm, the police immediately went to the police and met Ms. Xu.She told the police that she opened a restaurant and picked up a big gray parrot at the road near the shop at noon that day.The parrot does not fly and may be injured. Because the outdoor temperature is very low, she is worried that the parrot will be frozen, so she puts the parrot into the carton to the room.Ms. Xu's family found that this parrot was likely to protect animals, so she called the police for help.

    The police found that the parrot was large, and most of the feathers on their bodies were gray, but a small hand of red feathers at the tail was particularly conspicuous, wings were injured and could not fly.The police could not accurately identify which breed of the parrot belonging to, so he first brought the parrot back to the police station.Because it was late at night when receiving the police, the parrot could not be sent to a professional institution for the first time. In order to allow the parrot at the temporarily staying police station to live comfortably, the police put it to a warm dormitory and prepared nuts and drinking water for the parrot.The drinking parrot quickly recovered.The next day, after recognition from the professionals of Hongshan Forest Zoo, the parrot was African gray parrot and was included in the Appendix of the International Trade Convention on Endangered Wild and Plants, which referred to the national first -level protection animal management in my country.At present, the African gray parrot has been properly placed by the zoo.

    Police reminded that citizens should raise awareness of protecting animals. If unknown wild animals are found, they should report to the police or report relevant departments in time to wait for professionals to deal with it.At the same time, avoid direct contact with animals, do not feed at will, and do not release it yourself.(The characters in the text are a pseudonym)

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