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[转帖] 15 working points of digital traveling around the world

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    15 working points of digital traveling around the world

    "Digital Nomadic" is 实时资讯a new way of working that allows you to travel and work at the same time.It combines online work with the world.As a "digital nomad", making money is not only possible, but also very happy.

    If life and work can make you 100% of time, it sounds exciting, then becoming a digital tourist may be the right choice.As long as there is an Internet connection, digital tourists can engage in some of the most exciting full -time and part -time remote work.

    We created this digital tourist work creative list, allowing you to start working immediately.Please continue to read the ultimate guidelines for the best digital tourist work we provide for you.

    Digital tourism uses technology to make a living, while traveling and working anywhere-home, cafes, collaborative work space, other countries; all you want.

    They are not limited to one place and do not need office or other physical spaces because they can use laptops or smartphones to work remotely.They can also cooperate with people around the world without having to arrive in person.

    To become a digital nomad, you first need a laptop computer and a stable network connection.If you want to be an optimized expert in network developers or search engines, or engaged in social media marketing, then network connection is critical to your work.The network connection can come from anywhere-it does not necessarily come from your motherland; it can also come from a hotel in Thailand or Bali.

    As long as there is a computer or tablet, you can be competent any job you need, plus a network connection, you can become a "digital tourist".

    Here are some of the most common benefits to become digital tourists:

    • Traveling, exploring and learning new things
    • Work according to your own conditions
    • Be your own boss
    • Establish relations with people around the world

    There are countless benefits of digital nomads.This is one of the best remote work in the world, and there are many job opportunities to choose from.

    If you like to travel, this job is your ideal choice.

    As a "digital tourist", you can set your own schedule and work anytime, anywhere.You can also spend more time with your family and friends, because they are no longer far from you.

    Since this industry does not have strict work hours and dress requirements, self -employment means no one will tell you what to do or what to do.All decisions related to work depends on yourself (maybe there are some colleagues).

    As an independent contractor who often travels due to work-or you can live abroad for a long time even if you don't have to take too long-you will have a lot of opportunities to meet new friends naturally.This is mainly because many different types of people like to do things in different ways.

    • Virtual assistant
    • Copywriting
    • Website developer
    • Data entry expert
    • Social media manager

    If you are interested in the lifestyle of "digital tourism", there are some good online job opportunities.As long as you have the skills of hard work and self -reliance, you can be competent for these flexible work.

    As a virtual assistant, you can provide remote services for different customers.You will handle a number of tasks such as email, arrangement meeting, and call on behalf of customers.

    You can find a job in companies specializing in such work as an independent contractor or employee.If you have had experience in office management or personal assistant before, then there are many opportunities to make you an online assistant.

    You don't need to have any experience, as long as you are willing to learn new skills, such as time management and the help of software tools such as Asana or TRELLO.Therefore, this job is very suitable for beginners. They are not opposed to learning some online courses through Wi-Fi, thus becoming an ideal assistant.

    Copywriting writing is a good way to make money by digital nomads.Copywriting writing includes writing for websites and can also be used to write emails and social media articles.Copywriters are also responsible for writing blog articles, content marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing, sales copywriting and login pages.

    Copywriting (content writer) is often required to write articles or e -books.They may be asked to write short -story content, such as a single page guide, or they may also be required to write long articles, the theme is related to their professional knowledge or industry knowledge.

    Startups and business owners usually hire copywriters through websites such as Fiverr and UPWORK as remote workers.If these writing work sounds interesting and you are passionate about content writing and English language, then freelance writers may be your ideal profession.

    If you have a website development experience, you may find a job of digital nomads.Website developers use HTML (super -text label language), CSS (layer style table), JavaScript, and other programming languages to build websites.They are responsible for ensuring that the website is beautiful and can run normally on different devices and browsers.

    Due to the need to master a variety of skills, network developers are usually easy to find long -range jobs because they can work in any place with network connections.These programmers often cooperate with software developers and online companies to ensure that their web design and online rankings are as high as possible.

    Website development is one of the most common tasks for digital nomads because you only need to connect to the Internet.

    Data entry work is one of the most direct jobs of digital nomads and one of the most flexible jobs.If you want to travel and work in your spare time, data entry is a good choice, because as long as there is a network connection, you can work anywhere.

    The income of data entry is not always high, but they can provide sufficient income for frugal travelers with low living expenses).You can also publish it as a collection of works on Upwork or other free professional websites, which can help you accumulate experience in your field and accumulate recommendation letters for future free professional opportunities.

    Social media management is very suitable for digital nomads, because it doesn't matter where you work.The only requirement is a computer, access to the Internet, and some experience in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Suppose you are looking for a digital tourism occupation involving many different fields, including video editing, content creation, project management and alliance marketing.In this case, social media may be suitable for you.

    In these tasks, many other tasks may be what you are looking for:

    • Graphic Designer
    • blog
    • digital marketing
    • Edit Poster
    • Digital Strategic
    • Application developer
    • English teacher
    • hiring personnel
    • Transcription expert
    • Amazon seller

    The world is changing, and the opportunities for digital nomads are also increasing day by day.As long as there is an Internet connection, you can engage in many jobs in anywhere in the world.If you want to travel but don't want to give up your current occupation, you may wish to consider becoming a digital tourist.

    Knowing how to work in multiple time zones may be challenging, but for many people, the benefits of becoming a digital tourism far exceed the negative impact of work.

    If you want to experience the life of digital nomads in Europe, you can consider applying for ETIAS first.After being approved by ETIAS, you can visit your choice for 90 days every 180 days, and start your business at the same time.This will enable you to try to live in several different EU countries before choosing an ideal place.

    The EU travel license rules often change, but you can understand the situation at any time according to the current ETIAS requirements.



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